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We don't break the news, but we do manage to break the news in a fun, and unpredictable way. The Post Game Report doesn't enjoy playing by the rules -- instead we create the rules.
Post Game Report Episode 47 - Awol O.K. last week's show was really not that good...compared to Episode 47 that is! We get the latest from Godfree and PeteRoc about Community Vibes 4, Phoenix describes his first experience with JVB and the bucket of butter. While Soldier and Mankato just shoot the shizzle while one of the show's host is absent without leave.
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The Post Game Report: Community Vibes IV The Post Game Report took part in Gamertag Radio's Community Vibes IV. Listen as Phoenix and JVB talk with community members from all over the U.S.
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Post Game Report: Episode 46 - Dinner with Phoenix
Join the crew as we find out why RBurt straight up disses the "cover system" and ask's you about video game commercialization. Also Mankato confesses he's too scared to buy F.E.A.R. 2, while Soldier decides he want's to pay for avatar item's. Phoenix need's to eat and we are joined by a very special forum member, TinPanAlley. It's all playing this week on the Post Game Report episode 46.
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Pre Game: Episode 3
Get the rundown of all the game nights for the week of February 16-22.
Get cought up with the news from the TAG Madden League.
Want to know who needs people to play their new games with? Take a listen!
*This weeks music is from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare*
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The Post Game Report: Episode 45
The Post Game Report is back with Episode 45 and it's the best show yet!
Join Rburt, Pheonix and Soldier X as they tackle the easy issues and ignore the tough one's.

Our very special community guest host is: Godfree from

You can let the gang know how you feel by leaving a review on iTunes and remember Pheonix was born that way.
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The Post Game Report: Episode 44 This week the crew addresses GamerTag Radio, discuss the PS3 and Resident Evil 5 demo with community guest Vicj.
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The Pre Game Lobby: Episode 2 The Pre Game Lobby is back with a recap of last weeks Game Nights.
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