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We don't break the news, but we do manage to break the news in a fun, and unpredictable way. The Post Game Report doesn't enjoy playing by the rules -- instead we create the rules.

Here is the ultimate Joker review from the PGR crew. 

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Happy New Year! PGR is back with a new episode. 

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We talk about Red Dead Redemption 2 and stuff. 

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Do not listen to this episode if you do not want to hear SPOILERS!!!! 

We review Avengers: Infinity War.


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Nef and JVB chat about the latest happenings in entertainment. 

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We discuss the Black Punter.

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How will Xbox do now that their new released Video Game titles are going to be included in their Game Pass subscription plan? 

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Find out how JVB nearly talked himself out of doing something awesome. 

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What we're gonna do right here is go back. Way back. Back in to time. 

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What motivates you to make yourself better? 

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Some PGR veterans make their long awaited return to talk about the latest episode of Game Of Thrones. 

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JVB decides to share a decade worth of podcast experience. 

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We review Batman v Superman. The first 34:38 are spoiler free. 

We begin discussing spoilers at the 34:39 mark. 

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The Parris Game Week event was filled with new Playstation reveals, and that made us happy. 

Derrick and JVB review Halo 5. 

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We analyze the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. 

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The surprise hit Until Dawn (PS4) gets lots of talk-time in this episode. 

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Join the PGR crew as we wonder how well Halo 5 will do when it is released in late October. 

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The whole crew is together to talk about pet peeves, and the dangers of bottled water? 

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Julie joins the PGR crew to talk about Gamescom, and her bike. 

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Here is the annual Christmas Special brought to you by Bad Dudes Blade, and Striker.

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We review Breaking Bad episode 514 with special guest, LiquiLife. 

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We review Saints Row 4 and Breaking Bad: Buried. 

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The whole crew is back for episode 247 of the Post Game Report. Find out what we've been up to, and what we have in store for the future of, and PGR.

Soldier has an idea for a new Kickstarter for every host on PGR. You will not want to miss what he comes up with.

JVB has been away from Xbox Live because of the PSN. Find out why.

Microsoft has changed a few things around on the Xbox One. What do we think about the "new" Microsoft, and their strategy. 

And finally, the Post Game Report reviews the latest episode of Breaking Bad. This, my friends, is a must-listen. 

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So is the Post Game Report back?

Nef and JVB review Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream

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So what do we think of the Playstation 4? Which games impressed up on the first day of E3? 

We will answer all of these questions, and more. 

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Twitter: @PostGameReport

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I continue to tweak my home studio for optimal sound. Using the Blue Spark XLR microphone, and Scarlett 2i2 is a learning experience that I hope you enjoy listening to. 

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What do you guys feel about spoilers? The crew has a debate about them. 

We read our latest reviews. 

The Walking Dead had a finale. What does PGR think about it? 

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TG1 Eddie reveals something very personal to us all. Find out what it is. 

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For the very first episode of the JVB Podcast, I recap the year 2012. 

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Come celebrate episode 200 with PGR. 

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The Post Game Report reviews the Dark Knight Rises film. Not everyone agrees on the outcome of the final installment of Nolan's trilogy.

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Arnold S Hip Hop Debut.

Arnold S rescues the world of Hip Hop with his debut song.

Music provided by: That's How We Do It (Karaoke)

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Preheat your oven to 410 and put Episode 115 of the Post Game Report in for approximately 60 minutes. This is a treat that takes some time. Phoenix410, your Iron Chef this week is joined by SugarFree, HeroicSuperman and Talking About Gamers co-host Robbiejo for a podcasting treat. We tried to get HeroicSuperman to open up about Kayne and Lynch 2 and Mafia 2 but he wasn't feeling particularly motivated by the content of the games to really talk about it at length. What follows after the mediocre sequel talk is a genuine conversation about the state of the PlayStation Move and Microsoft's Kinect.

To close the show, we do our best impression of Podtacular and talk an awful lot about Halo: Reach and the overall Halo Universe.

Serve this episode up with a fine wine (or a glass of water if you're underage) and enjoy.

If you would like to send us an email, send it to

If you would like to follow us on Twitter, you can do so @PostGameReport.

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PGR114 - Sling Blade

Reunited and it feels so good, Episode 114 of the Post Game Report has the entire crew you have come to know and love ready to entertain you. SugarFree hosts a virtual podcastacopia of SoldierX, JVB, HeroicSuperman and Phoenix410 as we delve into the latest and greatest offerings from the video game industry. At long last you will hear JVB's impressions of Madden '11. SoldierX is not attending the Mafia 2 launch parties hosted by Gamertag Radio but has some positive thoughts on the Mafia 2 demo. HeroicSuperman gives his full impressions on Singularity, as well as what it's like to share his home with his family (at last). Finally we spend some time talking about some recent trailers released for public consumption. Resistance 3, InFamous 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops are on our menu - we hope you're hungry.

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PGR113 - Busch League

Hear ye, Hear ye. Presenting a new episode of the Post Game Report for all the land. SugarFree is joined by Phoenix410 and SoldierX01 for another week of whatever it is we do on this podcast. Without JVB and HeroicSuperman by our sides, we called in Peterocc from Gamertag Radio to fill the void. Believe it or not, we had a 25 minute discussion that started with Soldier's opinion of the Kayne and Lynch 2 demo. We also spend a lot of time talking about the total experience of Madden 11. I know what you're thinking, without JVB on the show this week, who will carry the mantle for NFL 2K5? You'll have to listen to find out. Rounding out episode 113 is a talk about the role communites currently play and should play within the game development process. In this podcaster's opinion, there were lots of thought provoking statements made during this talk, hopefully you will agree.

Send any feedback to

And have a nice day.

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So we knew Godfree was coming on this week to talk about the Mafia 2 Launch Parties in Miami and New York. But we didn't plan on Parris from Remember When showing up to join the fun. What resulted was a podcast that could have easily lasted over 3 hours. Instead you get those two along with the main crew of SugarFree, JVB, SoldierX01, Phoenix410 and HeroicSuperman. We promise you wont be disappointed.

We have some strong impressions on the Medal of Honor Beta (note, strong does not mean positive). Heroic Superman's revisiting of the sleeper hit Darksiders leads to an interesting discussion about God of War 3. Godfree weighs in on the latest Summer of Arcade release for the Xbox Live Arcade, Castlevania HD. And of course, JVB has a new topic in his ever-evolving "Analyze This" segment. Good times.

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Grab your gear and prepare yourself for another episode of the Post Game Report. Join JVB, SugarFree, SoldierX and special guest ShanghaiSix from Front Towards Gamer for all kinds of awesome. On the docket for this week's show: JVB recaps his adventures at last week's Need For Speed event. Shanghai breaks down DeathSpank and Operation Flashpoint for your listening pleasure. Soldier begs for more people to play Godfinger with him. Limbo gets a lot of love. And we spend some quality time talking about the World of Warcraft: Catalclysm Beta. (No, that was not a typo).

All this, and of course Soldier has a new report on the only man who can leap tall buildings in a single bound. In the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Episode 110 of the Post Game Report!

While you're downloading this week's show, please subscribe to our RSS feed. And remember, our email address is if you feel so inclined. Or, follow us on Twitter @PostGameReport.

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Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, A tale of a fateful podcast. That started from this tropic port, Aboard this, not much rhymes with podcast.

This week we have a full house, and them some ready to offer you some of the freshest opinions on the Internet. Phoenix410 is the captain this week along with first mate SoldierX, crew members SugarFree and HeroicSuperman and special guests Robbiejo and Faitios from the Talking About Gamers Podcast.

Since Phoenix was gone last week, we revisit Crackdown 2, hopefully for the last time. We do not hold back with our feelings on this one. Also, SugarFree is still loving his time with Puzzle Quest 2. On the dicussion front, we ponder the necessity of story in video games and wonder if Sony has what it takes to be the big boat in the docks this holiday season.

So join us here this week my freinds, You're sure to get a smile, From seven (actually six) stranded castways, Here on the Post Game Report.

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The Post Game Report is back and we’re happy to report that no one lost any appendages over the 4th of July holidays. SugarFree hosts JVB, SoldierX01, HeroicSuperman and Open Forum Radio’s BlueManRule for a quality gathering of minds and mayhem. On the docket this week, Naughty Bear, Alan Wake, Tales of Vesperia, The Shield and lots and lots of Crackdown 2.

Naturally with BlueManRule on the show, we had to have some serious discussion topics too. Along with the game talk we discuss the value of achievements, the necessary evil that is the early adopter, and whether or not the “motion generation” is going to prove its worth in the current generation of consoles.

Would you like to get in contact with us? Try email -, twitter - @PostGameReport or you can leave us a comment right here.

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PGR107 - PGR Plus Plus

On your mark. Get set. Post Game Report! We’re back with another episode of awesome as SugarFree hosts JVB, SoldierX01, Phoenix410, HeroicSuperman and for a brief segment Parris of Remember When lore. On the to-do list this week: HeroicSuperman desperately tries to enjoy Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. JVB recaps his adventures with Godfree and his thoughts on NBA Elite and NBA Jam. Phoenix410 justifies playing Super Street Fighter 4. SugarFree dusts off Mordern Warfare 2 and Soldier tries to sell Castle Crashers as a family friendly game.

After the break we spend some time talking all about PlayStation Plus and whether it will ever be worth your money. As a bonus feature there’s some discussion about Hulu Plus from the one man with every single device you can access this content on. iPad, iPhone 4 and even a 46” computer monitor - you name it, Parris has it covered.

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PGR106 - Nice Work Agent

Feels like it was just last week when we last heard from the Post Game Report. Fresh off his E3 adventures, SoldierX returns to join SugarFree, Phoenix410 and HeroicSuperman for an hour of audio bliss. As mentioned, Soldier safely returned from E3 and issues some remarks, clarifications, and drops a half-dozen names in the process. Mass Effect 2 DLC is out, but some of us are not pleased with BioWare. Puzzle Quest 2 is out, and SugarFree is in love. And we spend some quality time with the Crackdown 2 demo. Do the orbs still do it for us? You’ll have to listen to find out.

If you’d like to get in contact with us, we have a wide variety of options at your disposal. Email: Twitter: @PostGameReport. Forums. Or if desired, this comment thread.

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E3 2010 - The Recap

It's time for the Post Game Report to issue its closing statement on E3. JVB leads a serious discussion of everything the video game industry has to offer featuring Parris, Phoenix410, SugarFree, HeroicSuperman and special guest TG1_Eddie

The first part of this episode is purely the Mind of Parris. Listen in for his thoughts about the press conferences from the "Big Three" - Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo - and detailed impressions of Kinect and Move. Naturally there are plenty of tangents and quick asides from all over Los Angeles. Due to some technical difficulties we couldn't get him to comment on Nintendo's 3DS, but rumor is, he is a believer.

After the break the full crew takes over for their impressions including: SugarFree going to the balcony, JVB wanting more from PSN+, Phoenix still loving Gears of War, HeroicSuperman's high hopes for Kinect, and Eddie's obsession with trying to "catch 'em all". We will return with PGR Proper next week including SoldierX's full impressions of E3.

As always, leave us feedback at our email address -, find us on twitter @PostGameReport or chime in on the forums.

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PGR105 - Easy as 1, 2, E3

With E3 right around the corner, the Post Game Report has some predictions for you. Some bold, some beautiful, some good, some bad, some outright ugly. SugarFree hosts JVB, SoldierX, Phoenix410 and HeroicSuperman for another week of banter, jokes and the occasional comment on something video game related. Before the E3 talk we have some thoughts on the iPhone 4 and whatever the heck Mortal Kombat: Rebirth is.

As an appetizer for E3 2010, we each highlight a disappointment from E3 2009. For the main course: predictions for Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony with a few miscellaneous predictions sprinkled on top. You might not want to listen to this podcast while you are driving. One prediction in particular will cause traffic accidents. And did I mention that the Godfather, Parris is back again this week? Oh, well he is. You're welcome.

As always, leave us feedback at our email address - and please rate us on iTunes and the Zune Marketplace.

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PGR104 - I'm Awesome

Remember us? The Post Game Report is back and better than ever as SugarFree hosts JVB, Phoenix410, SoldierX and HeroicSuperman for another audio adventure. This week we spend some time discussing the latest racing games to hit the market, namely Blur, Split/Second, and ModNation Racers. Mario Galaxy 2 gets a lot of love from a certain Godfather and JVB breaks down the many highs and lows of Backbreaker. There's also formspring questions, independent Insomniac Games analysis, and a lot of talk about the potential price point of Project Natal - or is that Wave?

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PGR 103 - 1BadDude

Here is episode 103 of the Post Game Report. Make sure you stick around for the after party featuring Blade from the Bad Dudes.

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PGR102 - The Switcheroo

Your ears do not deceive you, the Talking About Gamers crew has taken over the Post Game Report for the week. Halo: Reach, EA's online pricing strategy, Natal pricing rumors and the mother of all First-Person Shooter debates await you in this episode. Robbiejo is joined by Forgetfool, Faitios, Shayward and Golfrat for an exciting adventure of aural splendor.


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PGR 101 - I Love Bees

After circling the friendly skies, Episode 101 of the Post Game Report has safely landed in your ears. This week SugarFree, SoldierX, Phoenix410 and HeroicSuperman are joined by Talking About Games Overlord Parris to discuss a whole lot of Halo. But there was plenty to get to before we got to the news of the Bungie/Activision deal and of course the Halo: Reach Beta. The crew discusses the teaser and potential of Call of Duty: Black Ops, Dead to Rights: Retribution, Tecmo Bowl: Throwback, Super Street Fighter 4, and Alan Wake. Yes, Alan Wake is real; Parris has played it; and even under embargo, he has a lot to say about the game.

There's also a lengthy tangent into the world of motion pictures - Nightmare on Elm Street, Iron Man 2, and the Avengers movie get a proper once-over.

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PGR 99 - Untitled

The other title nominee for Episode 99 was the Super Lightning Round, however it lost the coin toss this week. Anyway...SugarFree, JVB, SoldierX and Phoenix410 have gathered to discuss a multitude of news topics for the week. Halo: Reach has 3, count 'em, 3 SKUs planned for its release - find out who will be buying the Legendary Edition. Phoenix has some kind words for the 3D movement, especially if it involves The Dark Knight. Soldier breaks out his crystal ball for the first round of E3 2010 predictions. JVB has a man-crush on Kevin Butler. And SugarFree loves the idea of watching baseball games on his PS3.

To be honest with you, that doesn't even come close to the range of topics we cover on Episode 99 of the Post Game Report. You're better off just listening to the fun that ensued.

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PGR 98 - Brothers to the End

Where has the time gone? All of a sudden Episode 100 is just a few weeks away. Before we get to triple-digits, Episode 98 of the Post Game Report is yours for the taking. SugarFree is joined by SoldierX, Phoenix410, HeroicSuperman and our guest, Joe Haygood (@mclazyj) from We try something a little different this week - fewer topics with deeper discussion. Let us know what you think as we break down the Gears of War 3 trailer and what the Spring launch date means for the game, Microsoft, and...Project Natal? Also the guys Mark and Execute Splinter Cell: Conviction. Soldier has finished the game, multiple times, and has his final thoughts ready for you. HeroicSuperman and SugarFree also join the Sam Fisher Fan Club for a spoiler free discussion about the highs and lows from Ubisoft's notable diversion from the status quo. Finally there's an extended Community Questions segment that features questions and answers as diverse as the Talking About Games Community. Enjoy.

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PGR 97 - I am Sam

It looks like the Spring Rush of gaming is coming to an end, but that doesn't mean the Post Game Report is slowing down. Strap in for another round of games, laughter and of course, more laughter as SugarFree hosts Episode 97 with HeroicSuperman, SoldierX, Phoenix410 and Robbiejo from the Talking About Gamers podcast. Phoenix offers up his final thoughts on PAX East including some exclusive, never before heard stories that you don't want to miss. Soldier finally completed Mass Effect 2 on Insanity, find out if the game still delivers. SugarFree actually played, and beat God of War 3 - is it the savior of the PS3?

And, as the title suggests, Soldier has impressions on the first half of Splinter Cell: Conviction. If you are anticipating this game then this is a conversation you do not want to miss.

Be sure to follow our twitter account @PostGameReport, subscribe to our RSS Feed and let us know  what you think of our show by sending an email to

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PGR 96 - The Richter Scale

Neither rain, nor Easter Bunnies, nor earthquakes could prevent Episode 96 of the Post Game Report. With the Easter holiday, our crew is a little short handed but SugarFree, SoldierX and HeroicSuperman still deliver the goods. Among our topics of discussion: Soldier's progress in Mass Effect 2 on Insanity, the Stimulus Package Map Pack in Modern Warfare 2, the Lost Planet 2 demo and Just Cause 2. We also steal a page from Remember When and briefly discuss the current season of Lost, with proper spoiler warnings of course. There's also a special announcement that long-time members of the Talking About Games community will be very excited to hear.

Be sure to follow our twitter account @PostGameReport, subscribe to our RSS Feed and let us know what you think of our show by sending an email to our new email account

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PAX East - Day 3

We made it to the end of PAX East. Kind of. As most of the crew began to find their way home, SugarFree, SoldierX and RobbieJo had to give Boston a proper send off with one last podcast. The guys recap the SFX-360 party, discuss one of the featured panels and offer final thoughts on their shenanigan-filled weekend.

And yes, SugarFree is well aware that he identified this podcast as "Day 2"....twice. Give him a break, it was a long weekend.

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PAX East - Day 2

You are about to experience Day 2 of our coverage of PAX East. This time we talk about Mafia 2, Crackdown 2, Splinter Cell Conviction, Phoenix's Ringtones, Gunner Glasses, 3D Gaming, highlight some of the day's panels and get ready for the SFX-360 party.

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PAX East - Day 1

The Penny Arcade Expo in Boston is in full swing and we have the podcast to prove it. There are too many people participating in this podcast to list in this short summary, however we are not short personality. But believe me, there are plenty of laughs to be had as we dissect our first full day inside the Hynes Convention Center. Day 1 conversation topics include the official announcement of USB hard drive support for the Xbox 360, the games we've seen or played and we provide some commentary on the panels we saw during the day.


You can download the audio here. Be sure to follow our twitter account - @PostGameReport, subscribe to our RSS Feed and let us know what you think of our show by sending an email to our new email account -

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PAX East - Day 0

We finally made it to Boston. The Penny Arcade Expo is, for the first time, taking place on the east coast and Talking About Games is well represented in Beantown. As we experience the games, panels, personalities and general happenings we will be providing the Talking About Games community with a series of podcasts detailing our adventures.

First up: a preview of the weekend with a "Day 0" recording. SugarFree hosts a literal round table featuring Phoenix410, RobbieJo, and HeroicSuperman. As the weekend progresses there will be more people on the podcast and plenty more laughs. Hopefully this will whet your appetite.

Be sure to follow our twitter account @PostGameReport, subscribe to our RSS Feed and let us know what you think of our show by sending an email to our new email account

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PGR 95 - The End Begins

Post Game Report - Episode 95: The End Begins

We are oh so very close to Boston. The anticipation is killing us. Join us for this, the last podcast before we dine on Clam Chowder for the weekend. The full crew of JVB, SugarFree, Phoenix410, SoldierX and HeroicSuperman welcome Talking About Gamers own Golf Rat and The Godfather, Parris for a lively discussion of the week that was. Games discussed include the Splinter Cell Conviction Demo, Perfect Dark HD, an update on Soldier's Dog Tags in Battlefield Bad Company 2 and of course, God of War 3. The discussion also touches on what, if any game, will be a system seller for Sony and why the rumored USB support for the Xbox 360 might not be a great idea.

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PGR 94 - I Like to Move It

The Blair Demo

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PGR 93 - Where The Party At?

The bacardi also?

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PGR 92 - Significant Percipitation

PGR 92

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PGR 91 - So I Heard

Episode 91 - So I Heard

 Are you ready for another episode of the Post Game Report? Episode 91 - featuring the soothing sounds of SugarFree, SoldierX, Phoenix410 and Heroic Superman - is jam packed with a smorgasbord of video game discussion. This week the crew offers opinions on BioShock 2, Dante's Inferno, and Heavy Rain (specifically the demo). There is also a trip to the balcony, Phoenix has some additional thoughts to go with Parris' racism discussion from Uncle Gamer Radio.

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PGR 90 - The Real Mass Effect RT

Finally a Mass Effect 2 podcast you can actually sink your biotics into. Check it out and as always leave us som feedback at

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PGR 89- That Girl

Post Game Report Episode 89 - That Girl

welcome to another episode of PGR, brought to you by the DCD's Poop-N-Flush. This week the crew is joined by Tamara of

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PGR 88 - The Homage


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PGR 87 - It's Only Stealing If Your Caught

PGR 87

On this epic episode of PGR, we find out what's happening with Bayonetta, Borderlands and Velvet Assasin. Also Afro Samuri, Destroy All Humans and RE5 Gold get some much needed love. Finally the guys give the PS3 Arc/ Xboxs' Natal some pub.

No PGR would be complete without some Mass Effect 2 love and we get specially interrupted by Vicious Lilly.

Are you not bothered by SPOILERS?

Then stick around as Soldier and Parris go 1-on-1 with a spoiler-filled segment on Mass Effect 2.

Thanks for listening and as always Soldier, Sugarfree and Ralph hope you enjoy the show.

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PGR 86 - Team Woot

Post Game Report - Episode 86: Team Woot

The Post Game Report returns for another week of laughs, shenanigans, and of course insightful discussion about video games. JVB, SugarFree, SoldierX01, Phoenix410 and HeroicSuperman turn on the mics to break down the latest and greatest topics. This week we breakdown Ubisoft's future including the delay of Splinter Cell: Conviction, break out the "Big Head" code in anticipation for NBA Jam on the Wii, run the zig-zag in response to Tecmo Super Bowl coming to XBLA and PSN and find out why HeroicSuperman hates Bayonetta. Team Woot is more than a revolution, it's a movement.

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PGR 85 - The Gizmondo Lives
Direct download: PGR85_8-Jan-2010.mp3
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PGR 84.75 - The Epic Win: Commander Shepard Interview


Direct download: PGR8475.mp3
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PGR 84.5 - The Epic Fail So a funny thing happened on our way to Episode 85. Someone had the bright idea to try to live stream the episode. Unfortunately somebody's hardware wasn't up to snuff and the experiment didn't exactly go as planned. Fortunately there was plenty of audio captured during the debacle and most of it wasn't half bad. SugarFree, SoldierX01 and a bunch of other members of the Talking About Games community host a virtual buffet of personalities during this off week. We will resume your regularly scheduled Post Game Report with Episode 85 next week.
Direct download: PGR845_29-Dec-2009.mp3
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PGR 84 - Crystal Balls and Ouija Boards

Post Game Report- Episode 84: Crystal Balls and Ouija Boards

We made it to the end of 2009. Was it good for you? Before we drop the ball and welcome in a new decade SugarFree, Phoenix410, SoldierX01, HeroicSuperman and JVB take a look at the trailers shown at the Spike Video Game Awards. Thoughts are given on the sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum, Halo: Reach, Crackdown 2 and more. Additionally, SugarFree has compiled an extensive list of known releases for 2010. Splinter Cell: Conviction, God of War 3, MAG, Final Fantasy 13 (and 14), Mass Effect 2 and much, much more are discussed.

2009 has been fun, but everyone at the Post Game Report is excited for the New Year. However you decide to celebrate, do so safely and we'll see you in 2010.

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PGR 83 - GolfRat of The Year

Post Game Report - Episode 83: GolfRat of the Year

2009 is nearly gone, but there's still work to be done before welcoming in the New Year. First up is a look back. Join SugarFree, JVB, Phoenix410, HeroicSuperman, SoldierX01 (in spirit) and the Godfather Parris from UncleGamer Radio in a discussion of our personal highlights of 2009. Who picked Assassin's Creed 2? Who didn't pick Modern Warfare 2? Will JVB GolfRat KillZone 2? You'll have to listen to find out

GolfRat (v.) - To declare something the greatest, of all time, in the history of ever.

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PGR 82 - The Situation

Post Game Report - Episode 82: The Situation

The holiday season is rapidly approaching and the Post Game Report has a lovely present for you and yours to enjoy in front of the fireplace. JVB, SugarFree, SoldierX01, HeroicSuperman and frequent guest TG1_Eddie are joined by Paul from the Video Game Jocks to spread some joy into your ear buds. Among the discussion points this week are Modern Warfare 2 patches, Mirror's Edge on your iPhone, and gamers going gaga over Mega Man 10. Plus we spend a healthy amount of time talking about Dante's Inferno from the recently released Demo (which you should download) to the "Divine Edition" coming to the PlayStation 3 exclusively.

Also there is a special segment after the show devoted to the MTV sensation, Jersey Shore. It's an uncensored conversation, but this podcaster believes it is well worth your time.

Direct download: PGR82_11-Dec-2009.mp3
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PGR 81 - When One Is Not Enough

Post Game Report Episode 81 - When One Is Not Enough

Ladies and germs welcome to the greatest podcast on earth, SoldierX is proud to present Phoenix and(with help from JVB) the Post Game Report. Join Phoenix, Heroic SuperEddie, JVB and SoldierX as they find a way to talk for a long time. Joined by Gamer's Husbands own Maverick aka Alfred aka GHR Maverick it's sure to be one for the books. This is by far our best episode, infact PGR has been offered a spot on XM radio. We turned them down to be with you.

We hope you enjoy our show. SugarFree will be back for Epsiode 82.

(no puppies were harmed during the taping of this show)

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Borderlands RT Post Game Report is proud to present the Borderlands Roundtable. Join Robbie, Forgetfool, Soldier, Sugrafree and special guest Deschain as they check to see if Borderland's credentials are good enough to cross into Game of The Year land.
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PGR 80 - Where's my T-Bird Jacket?

Episode 80 - Where's my T-Bird Jacket?

The season of big releases might be winding down but the Post Game Report is just getting started. SugarFree, JVB, Soldier, Phoenix410 and HeroicSuperman welcome CerebralShrike to the fun this week for all kinds of fun. This week the crew covers the Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta, the Bayonetta Demo, the God of War Collection, Left 4 Dead 2 and Assassin's Creed 2.

There's also a few news items, lots of laughs and then a lot more laughs after that.

Programming Note: Due to the Holiday, there will be no PGR next week. We'll put out the Borderlands Roundtable to fill the void.

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Post Game Report Special Edition: Modern Warefare 2 RT (part 2)

Presenting part 2 of the next episode in our Game of the Year Round Table Podcast Series, the Talking About Games Community discusses the highly anticipated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The podcasters you know and love and some additional members of the Talking About Games Community discuss the Campaign, Special Ops, Multiplayer and offer up final impressions.

Part 1 - Campaign, Special Ops.

Part 2. Multiplayer, Final Impressions.

Direct download: TalkingAboutGames-RT-MW2-Part2.mp3
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Post Game Report Special Edition: Modern Warefare 2 RT

Presenting the next episode in our Game of the Year Round Table Podcast Series, the Talking About Games Community discusses the highly anticipated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The podcasters you know and love and some additional members of the Talking About Games Community discuss the Campaign, Special Ops, Multiplayer and offer up final impressions.

Part 1 - Campaign, Special Ops.

Part 2. Multiplayer, Final Impressions.

Direct download: TalkingAboutGames-RT-MW2-Part1.mp3
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Post Game Report - Episode 79: Breaking the Street Date

Yes, there is a certain Dark Lord preparing to rise, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. SugarFree, JVB, SoldierX01 and HeroicSuperman are joined by Rob Workman (@theDCD) from the Gamers Garage to navigate the calm before the storm. This week the crew discusses the leaked screens of something claiming to be Halo: Reach, bathe in the bloodbath of the God of War 3 demo, and discuss the potential of the new Prince of Persia Movie. And yes, we do talk about Modern Warfare 2 a bit.

Along with the lightning round we have a brief appearance by The Mallet Man himself, Phoenix410.

Finally, we have a big announcement regarding the highly anticipated Modern Warfare 2 Round Table

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Post Game Report: Episode 77: This One is for the Pilgrims

Post Game Report - Episode 77: This One is for the Pilgrims

Another episode of the Post Game Report is ready to go, did you miss us? This week SugarFree, JVB, SoldierX25 and HeroicSuperman have a lot to talk about. Lord Voldemort has shown his ugly side and gamers are not pleased with Infinity Ward's decision to remove dedicated servers from their highly anticipated sequel. Ratchet and Clank are back for another round of Dual-Shocky Goodness, find out which of the hosts will be picking this one up (and when). SugarFree gives his impressions on Uncharted 2, how much koolaid has he consumed? And of course, Borderlands is the one game everyone is talking about, we have a length discussion about the good, the great, and the potential longevity of this highly anticipated Role Playing Shooter. Oh, and something about JVB wearing a dress?

Direct download: PGR77_23-Oct-2009_mp3.mp3
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Post Game Report: Episode 76 - The Nathan Station

Post Game Report - Episode 76: The Nathan Station

I can't think of a better way to start your work week than Episode 76 of the Post Game Report. Join SugarFree, JVB, SoldierX25 and HeroicSuperman on another epic journey through the latest in the video game industry. This week we discuss our favorite tracks on Lego Rock Band, discuss the upcoming demo availability schedule for Left 4 Dead 2, profess our love for Borderlands and of course Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. This week's lightning round consists of more Splinter Cell talk, pondering what color Wii-mote will be released next and the highly anticipated Spec-Ops mode from a game we cannot talk about.

Unfortunately you cannot be told how awesome Episode 76 is, you have to experience it for yourself. Enjoy.

Direct download: PGR76_16-Oct-2009_mp3.mp3
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Post Game Report Special Edition: Uncharted 2 (Spoilers) Uncharted2 Special Round Table with JVB, Soldier, Golf-Rat, RobbieJo and hosted by none other then Phoenix!
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Post Game Report: Episode 75 - M.A.S.H. Unit

Post Game Report - Episode 75: The M.A.S.H Unit

Neither Swine Flu, Mallet Tours nor Launch Parties can hold back the Post Game Report. Episode 75 is coming at you with an impressive collective of voices to fill the void left by some unfortunate absences. SugarFree and JVB welcome VicJo from Talking About Gamers, TG1_Eddie from the TAG Community and our special guest, The Scarfinger. This week the new voices have plenty of opportunity to shine as we discuss the latest campaign trailer from a game we're not allowed to talk about, the latest announcements about Left 4 Dead 2, future DLC for Forza 3 and have a lively discussion about all things Uncharted 2.

"Man Tips", tangents, and a couple special segments from some familiar voices await you this week. Enjoy.

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Post Game Report Special Edition: Halo3 ODST Roundtable (Spoilers) HALO3 ODST RT
Direct download: Halo3RT.mp3
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Post Game Report: Episode 72 - Ultimate Alienation

Post Game Report Episode 72

Ultimate Alienation

Episode 72 brings a familiar voice with it along with a new one. Marc, Chris and Luis are joined by podcast great JVB and podcast N00B Heroic Superman. The group talks about Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Need for Speed: Shift, Wet and some news items of interest.

Direct download: pgr72.mp3
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Post Game Report: Episode 71 - The Last Son of Krypton Episode 71 of the Post Game Report is locked and loaded. Are you ready? We have a full house for this one. The regular crew of Phoenix410, SoldierX25 and SugarFree bring in RobbieJo from the Talking About Gamers Bullpen and officially welcome Heroic Superman as our 4th mic. There's lots to get to on this episode including another visit to the so-called "controversy" over Left 4 Dead 2, the finger-pointing over Kurt Cobain's appearance in Guitar Hero 5, the rebirth of Sonic the Hedgehog and Modern Warfare 2 and Mad Catz joining forces to purge your bank account. Don't worry, we don't stay on topic for long. There are plenty of tangents and quick asides for each and every listener this week, because we love you all.
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Post Game Report: Episode 70 "Form Like Voltron" Edition

Post Game Report - Episode 70: "Form Like Voltron" Edition

Members of the Talking About Games Podcast Community are combining powers to blast your RSS Feeds. SoldierX and SugarFree representing PGR, RobbieJo of TalkingAboutGamers and Parris of Uncle Gamer and the Remember When Podcasts unite under one flag for the greater good.

The beginning of the fall season of big-time releases is almost upon us. Parris gives us the goods on The Beatles Rock Band and Guitar Hero 5. The majority spend some time gushing over the latest Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer footage and only one of us isn't exactly exited over it. SugarFree discusses his joy over God of War HD Trophied Remix Edition. And the crew takes a look at the major bullet points from the Penny Arcade Expo. Oh, and we tanget. A lot.

Remember to leave feedback for us on Itunes, we will pick a random review and reward him or her with an almost new 120GB HDD for an xbox360.

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Post Game Report: Episode 69 Live From New York

Post Game Report - Episode 69: Live From New York

Episode 69 of the Post Game Report is ready to go. Live from Times Square in the City That Never Sleeps, JVB hosts a (literal) round table with SugarFree, Phoenix410, HeroicSuperman, tg1_eddie and Frawlz of Sarcastic Gamer. Bullet points from New York include the PS3's software lineup, Project Natal, and using utensils to make a point in a discussion. Of course we wouldn't have a complete episode of PGR without SoldierX25. He offers his thoughts on Lost - Season 4 and the game that everyone is playing: Batman: Arkham Asylum. Stay tuned to the end of the episode to find out about Soldier's contest for the Talking About Games Community.

Direct download: PGR69mp3.mp3
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Post Game Report: Episode 68 The 299lb Gorilla SugarFree gets the keys to the Pinto this week with Phoenix and Soldier riding shotgun and we picked up the Godfather himself, Parris to help us navigate the latest from the wonderful world of video games. Fable 3 has been announced, will Parris be there Day 1? Shadow Complex is a critical success but only one member of the PGR crew is a fan of this game. Where does District 9 rank among Parris' all-time Science Fiction movies? All of these questions are answered and we still have plenty of time to take an objective look at the big moves made by Sony regarding the PS3 Slim as well as a broader look at the future of the industry. And what podcast with Parris would be complete without a tangent to Lost?
Direct download: PGR68_23-Aug-2009_mp3.mp3
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Post Game Report: Episode 67 From A to Zeta JVB is late, SoldierX is an entrepreneur, and SugarFree loves Cortana. Out of context that makes no sense, but after listening to Episode 67 of the Post Game Report, you will find enlightenment. This week we are joined by RobbieJo of TalkingAboutGamers fame. Join us for an in-depth discussion of all things Fallout 3 including impressions of Mothership Zeta. If you haven't been paying attention, Soldier loves him some Fallout 3. We discuss the potential of the Activision Boycott that has caught the eyes and ears of gamers around the world. JVB brings a whiteboard up to the balcony this week to break down the X's and O's of Madden '10. Also, SugarFree attempts to justify spending $20 on a single item during our discussion about the Xbox Avatar Marketplace.
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Post Game Report: Episode 66 The Prenuptial Agreement

Post Game Report - Episode 66: The Prenuptial Agreement

Cozy up with that special someone as Phoenix410, SoldierX25, SugarFree are joined by Mr and Mrs LeftyBrown, The Married Gamers on Episode 66 of the Post Game Report. Believe it or not, when we aren't waving mallets at each other we also play video games. To celebrate this novelty we share our impressions of TMNT: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled and attempt to justify why this game was a waste of money. Soldier reminds us why Batman: Arkham Asylum was his game of E3 and why each of you should be playing the newly released demo. We follow the breadcrumbs to the PS3 Slim that everyone believes is coming to discuss how this inevitability will impact Sony's bottom line. There is also a rather lively discussion about GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

No animals were harmed in the recording of this podcast. But we can't say the same for childhood memories of Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes.

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Post Game Report: Episode 65 Fear the Mallet Man Post Game Report - Episode 65: Fear the Mallet Man

Episode 65 of the Post Game Report is ready to stimulate your eardrums as Phoenix410, SoldierX25, SugarFree and the soothing laughter of JVB are reunited after weeks apart. This week we discuss the immediate price drop of TMNT: Turtles in Time, the Gears of War 2: Dark Corners expansion for Xbox 360, lawsuits against the NCAA, and Paramount's decision to make Blu-ray the paramount physical media format in your home. We also dust off the seats in the balcony to talk about the state of the Madden Franchise.

Also, be sure to rate us on iTunes and the Zune Marketplace.

PS. JVB expects to have internet really soon, we promise. For now you'll have to settle for less than stellar audio quality on his end. Our apologies
Direct download: PGR65_2-Aug-2009_mp3.mp3
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Post Game Report: Episode 64 Original PGR

Post Game Report Episode 64.

On this very special show we got RobbiJo as a guest cohost to sit next to Phoenix and SoldierX as they met with a familiar face, or voice.

That's right joining us this week is RBURT!

Yeah he's a little rusty but he can still come after Phoenix with the best of them.

SugarFree and JVB will be back soon so for now enjoy the Post Game Report Episode 64.

PS. Vic Joh from the Talkingaboutgamers Podcast does a very special interview with Soldier at the end needless to say it's very patriotic

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Post Game Report: Episode 63 The Three Spice Amigos

Presenting The Post Game Report, Episode 63 - The Three Amigos AKA, Sugar (SugarFree), Spice (Phoenix) and Chemical Agent SoldierX
No guest this week with JVB still in transit to the bright lights of New York.

This week we discuss the Prestige Edition of Modern Warfare 2, NCAA 10 shortcuts and the value of achievements, race in video games and more. There are also multiple trips up to the Press Box along with some expected (and welcome) tangents.

Also, someone might be dining on some humble pie come August 7th.

Here's a link to the Houston Chronicle Post we referenced in our discussion -

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The Post Game Report: Episode 31 JVB, Finster, Rburt, and Phoenix are joined by AmishPriest from the forums. The PGR crew interviews AmishPriest before turning the tables on Finster and Phoenix and interview THEM about PAX.
Direct download: PGR_episode_31.mp3
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Finster and Phoenix wrap up Day 2 of PAX will all sorts of community members, including, but not limited to: ant from GTR, Frank from Xcast, our very own Jay, AntonB, and TyGuy22.

They discuss more of what happened at PAX and share war stories from PAX show floor.
Direct download: PGR_PAX_4.mp3
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Phoenix and Finster break down Day 1 of PAX with forum members CooperativePeon and TyGuy22. Also, Phoenix is totally drunk, because hey, it's his birthday.

Gears 2, Fallout 3, and Ken Levine are discussed, and Finster goes off about Warhammer Online.
Direct download: PGR_PAX_3.mp3
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PGR Pre-PAX Update 2 Finster and Phoenix sit down with Anton B, Godfree, and Peterocc from GamerTagRadio. They discuss the awesomeness that was the Ooopy and Kiki Pre-PAX Party and all things PAX, at the conclusion of Day 0.
Direct download: PGR_PAX_2.mp3
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Phoenix and Finster talk with Anton B and CooperativePeon about what they can't wait to get their hands on at PAX08.
Direct download: PGR_Pax_1.mp3
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The Post Game Report: Episode 4 This week Finster and JVB is joined by Jay, from Uncle Gamer, and Pherlonzo from the talking about games forums.

Jay has a major announcement regarding a very special give away.

JVB announces the winner of the Ratchet & Clank: Tools of destruction contest. He also gives us details about the next game-give-away: Mass Effect for the Xbox 360.

Find out what Finster has to say about The Star Wars saga. And speaking of Star Wars, what would Arnold Schwarzenegger do if he was Hans Solo?

Find out, in this very entertaining episode of The Post Game Report.

Big thanks to Avid X and Brent Cheetham for submitting some cool audio clips.

Direct download: ThepostgamereportEp4.mp3
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The Post-Game Report: Episode 3 This week the JVB and Finster are joined by Crash from The Gamers Garage podcast to talk about the hottest topics from the Talking About Games website.

They also announce the winners of the latest give aways from the forums.

Don't forget to call the listener voice mail: 206-666-2140, and leave the fellas some feedback.
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