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We don't break the news, but we do manage to break the news in a fun, and unpredictable way. The Post Game Report doesn't enjoy playing by the rules -- instead we create the rules.

CBS All Access has a really good documentary called Console Wars on their streaming service, and it's really good. 

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We dig deep in to the story of The Last Of Us 2. 

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The Post Game Report continues a new series of interviews with various content creators, and people of interest from various social networks. 

Our latest interview features Tony from The Throwdown Show. 

Stay tuned for more guest on future episodes. 

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Golfrat, Nef, and JVB review the latest Star Wars installment. 

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JVB explains why he still loves the Halo franchise. 

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Black Friday shopping allowed the crew to make some really good purchases. Find out what we bought. 

Star Wars Battlefront gets some real good feedback from Eddie and JVB. 

Why is the Wii U JVB's second favorite Video Game console? 

Make sure to stick around to hear our Video Game Awards predictions. 

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Welcome to episode 303, where we talk about the impact the sale of Sony Online Entertainment will have to multi-console owners. 

The Halo Master Chief Collection was going to launch a beta but recently cancelled it. Does this mean that 343 Studios finally found a cure for it's broken multi-player? 

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The Post Game Report crew reveal which games deserve their awards for 2014. 

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Now that the retail version of Titanfall is out in the market, PGR sits down to give their initial impressions. 

People have been very upset with Sony about Killzone SF multiplayer resolution. Who is to blame for this? 

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The Post Game Report team talk about Flappy Bird, and why Eddie finds it so addictive. 

The Xbox One gets a top ten list that will make you cuddle your Xbox One. 

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The Post Game Report has a new host.

Eddie talks about his new Xbox One. 

Why is Soldier angry at JVB?

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PGR 227 The Lost Episode

Classic episode that made JVB so angry he almost quit podcasting before the most recent time.

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Xbox Infinity.

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I test out my new audio equipment, the Blue Spark microphone, and Scarlett 2i2 audio interface. 

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PGR 228 - EnforcerGate

Pax Talk+ 

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PGR 225: The Walking Throne and Games of Dead

Join SoldierX, TG1_Eddie, and Heroic Superman as they get Ralphy's opinion on the PS4, Xbox Talk and some TV show news.

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Post Game Report Episode 213 Superman Returns

Don't miss the last epsidoe of PGR ever!

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Enjoy episode 201 of the Post Game Report podcast. 

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Here it is 180

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PGR 177 - The Call Out

This week you are stuck with SoldierX and the DCD.

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PGR 159 Breaking Faitios

show is live go to

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You can find the Post Game Report Application on the Android, and Apple App-store. The cost is $1.99.

Here is a clip of the upcoming Transformers review that is only available to the PGR App owners.

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PGR 155 - Titillating

Join the PGR crew as they talk about cool stuff!

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Never has there been such accurate E3 predictions. Listen, and learn.

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GamersTransform LA Noire Promo

SoldierX along with DJ Rainz take on LA Noire, join special guest Heroic Superman and very, very special guest MissJess from SFX-360 as they try to solve one of LA Noire biggest questions, Should you buy or rent this game?

show available now on itunes.

Next show we will cover is Infamous2 please leave a review for GamersTransform on iTunes for your chance to win a copy of the game.

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Post Game Report Episode 150

SFX Shinobi

JVB is joinedby DCD, SoldierX and Heroic Superman with special guest Rashanii from the Single Simulcast.

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Life is like a beta code......

- Mortal Kombat

- Portal 2

- Scream 4

- Game Of Thrones

- Gears Of War 3 beta

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Nintendo 3DS

Crysis 2 not worth $10?

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Crysis 2 talk and Janet Jackson?

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PAX East.

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- We talk about:

* GDC 2011

* Uncharted 3

* InFamous 2

* Batman

- The crew decides to freestyle rap.......


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Post Game Report Episode 138 The Pre Pax

Join JVB, SoldierX, Phoenix410 and the one and only Oooopy as they visit the ghost of Pax past and are visited by the ghost of Pax future.


We have no idea where 137 is either.


The crew get's into a little KillZone 3 and Fallout NV action.


No DCD orHeroic Superman this week.

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132 - 2011 A.D.CD

PGR 132 is here so please give it a listen

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131 - GameCenter Show

Join the PGR crew this week as they bring in the DCD and Zincous as guest.

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PGR end of the year sale is here, Join JVB, Parris, Phoenix, Heroic, GolfCart, TG1 Eddie and special guest BlackFlash as they talk the year in gaming.

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129 - The Shower Scene

This podcast is Captain Awesome

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Raikage of the Phoenix

Epsiode 128 of the Post Game Report is here. As the year comes to a close we discuss if the gaming world is getting better or worse. Phoenix takes us into his balcony and JVB drools over the Ps3 (what's new). Special thanks to our guest Anthony and please leave us a review on iTunes and stop by

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Happy Thanksgiving!


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The Post Game Report crew is joined by Tamara, from and Phoenix410, to talk about the world of video games.

- Soldier X finally gets his hands on a Microsoft Kinect.

- Heroic Superman has finally had the chance to play Call of duty: Black Ops. What did he have to say about it?

- Tamara and crew talk of their love for the hit series: The Walking Dead.

Music provided by Nine Inch Nails - Burn and Nonfinite - Pieces of our old apartment.

You can find The Post Game Report at and subscribe to our show on iTunes.

Twitter: @PostGameReport





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SFX Lady J from joins the Post Game Report crew to bring you episode 125.

The topics of discussion:

- Fallout: New VeGAS

- Call Of Duty: Black Ops

- Killzone 3

- Kinect



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The Post Game Report 124: Kinect

Episode 124 is all about the new Microsoft Kinect. The PGR crew, along with special guest TG1_Eddie will go into a deep discussion about the Kinect and it's future.

There is also coverage from the Microsoft sponsored launch party that was held at the Hard Rock Cafe, in Times Square New York.

Song at the end of the show was by 808 State - Cubik

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This is a very emotional episode for the PGR crew. Chris aka SugarFree is leaving the Post Game Report podcast to concentrate on his career and podcast - Just Talking.

* JVB explains his love for the Killzone 3 beta.

* Chris reviews Kirby's Epic Yawn.

* Heroic Superman and Soldier X discuss their progress in Fallout: New Vegas.

You can follow The Post Game Report crew at their official Twitter account @PostGameReport






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The Post Game Report Preview: 10-31-2010

Here is a preview for episode 123.

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Put the party balloons down for a minute and join the PGR crew as they try not to AceBlack another show.

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I don't always listen to podcast but when I do I listen to the Post Game Report

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SoldierX did not steal any of the following sound clips it was JVB

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PGR 118 - T.G.I.S.

Ask Heroic

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Join KGB, Kinetic Superman, EX-Soldier and Phoenix-INS as they are joined by the SuperBus!

This episode has some very heavy cursing so please be aware around your kids. We will be back to our PG standard next week.

SugarTaken should be back as well. Thanks for listening children!

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Episode 111 is Live for your listening pleasure. Joining SoldierX, Phoenix, and JVB is SFX Pallidian from

Soldier is actually playing on his Playstation 3 again. FInd out why.

JVB has issues with the new Madden 11 demo. What else is new?

Phoenix has a lot of positive things to say about NCAA 11 and the Alan Wake DLC. WOW!

JVB also brought up a questions about the future of XBL Avatars. You need to hear this!


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