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We don't break the news, but we do manage to break the news in a fun, and unpredictable way. The Post Game Report doesn't enjoy playing by the rules -- instead we create the rules.

As someone who is living with TBI, I face new challenges that I never thought I'd have to live with. It can be frustrating and discouraging, but a dream I had might have taught me how to deal with these challenges and overcome them. 

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The legendary Christmas Special is back! 

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This past weekend I was able to spend time with family that I have not seen in over 30 years. Here are the challenges I had to face during their visit.

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We review the new PlayStation 5 Video Game console. 

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Wow, the PS5 controller is a game changer. 

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It has been a year since my brain injury, and so I want to share my experience with other people who are also dealing with TBI. 

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Another crazy football game for the Eagles and Giants. 

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I recently bought a really good pair of Video Game headphones. I advice you to do the same. 

I have a really cool, and true story to share. 

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The experience is what you will remember most about Video Games. 

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Some big podcast and websites featured Latin content creators for National Hispanic Heritage Month. Unfortunately, JVB wasn't one of them. 

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Microsoft and Gamestop have a multi-deal that can help GS stay afloat. 

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Sony finally revealed the innards of the PS5 console. 

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What is a Video Game Influencer?  

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JVB talks about his days as a Wrestling fanatic. 

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CBS All Access has a really good documentary called Console Wars on their streaming service, and it's really good. 

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People tend to forget that the Xbox 360 had an amazing lineup of Vide Games. So what happened? 

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Today marks the official pre-order date for the Xbox Series consoles, and it brought back memories of the time JVB pre-ordered his Xbox 360. 

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Today Microsoft purchased Bethesda Softworks for $7.5 Billion! 

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We discuss the pricing of the PS5 and release date. 

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Hello, everyone. I wanted to share what it is like to live with a traumatic brain injury. 

It's been pretty tough for me, but I am beginning to find ways to approach the most basic things in a new way. I explain it all in today's episode. 

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I wanna let you guys know how much Video Games has helped me through my current crisis. 

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JVB talks about his start in podcasting, and how it has helped him in the real world. 

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JVB is glad to know that 343 Studios delayed Halo Infinite until 2021. 

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JVB talks about growing up during the Arcade era. 

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How was the recent Playstation State Of Play showcase?

Who does JVB have issues with now?  

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We discuss the new Halo Infinite gameplay reveal. 

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We know him as Heroic Superman, but his real name is Rafael. He is a man of many talents, interest, and opinions. You won't want to miss out on this interview. 

** Stay tuned till the end of the episode for a special audio clip of JVB voicing Blade, from The Bad Dudes video game. The Bad Dudes sequel never reached it's financial goal and was never completed, but JVB was slated to be the voice of Blade for the official Bad Dudes sequel.** 


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- Will there be a price increase for Video Games? If yes, are we ready to embrace it? 

- Leave us your feedback on our Facebook page or on Twitter

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Find out our new weekly schedule. 

We will return with a full episode tomorrow evening. 

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* New reviews from Mike and JayDub for The Last Of Us 2 are now available. 

* The #metoo movement is cleaning up on sexual predators hiding within the Video Game community. 


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We dig deep in to the story of The Last Of Us 2. 

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Here is a duet for the ages. 

Created by JVB

Original song by a-ha

Ellie version from The Last Of Us 2 video game, created by Naughty Dog. 

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This episode is stacked with amazing personalities, and in-depth commentary about the Playstation 5, and the games that where shown. 

We'd love to know read feedback. You can leave us your feedback on Twitter: @JVBetaPhotos

and on iTunes:

Intro and outro music was created by JVB

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My dear friend, Anna joins me for a new episode of the Post Game Report. 

We discuss the struggles women continue to face in the Video Game industry. 

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It was our pleasure to interview Nancy, who is better known as Titanfall Princess on Twitter. 

You can follow her work on YouTube and Twitter

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Here is another installment of PGR Interviews with our special guest, Jalil, who is best known as Persona Speaks on Twitter.

You can also watch his Youtube content here:

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The Post Game Report continues a new series of interviews with various content creators, and people of interest from various social networks. 

Our latest interview features Tony from The Throwdown Show. 

Stay tuned for more guest on future episodes. 

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It was our honor to speak with special guest Jay Dub who is known as an extremely funny, and generous human being. 

We spoke about the state of home consoles, the Video Game community, and the future of Gaming services. 

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The PGR crew is back in full force! Some old familiar voices make a glorious return. 

We talk about the next generation of consoles and predict how much they will cost. 

Golfrat feels very strongly about Video Games running at 60 frames per second and will explain why. 

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We have a bunch a familiar host returning for this episode of the Post Game Report. 

We discuss the delay of The Last Of Us 2 and wonder if more games are to follow. 

Golfrat says that the new PS5 controller is ugly! 

The Xbox Series X and PS5 specs are great and we are excited to see what developers can do on both consoles. 

Make sure to follow one of the best, and longest running Video Game podcast on iTunes and twitter (@PostGameReport).

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The Last Of Us 2 is cancelled! 

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Nef and JVB discuss how they are handling life during this worldwide crisis. 

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No E3? 

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A familiar voice makes a return.

Whats up with all of this Tflop beef? 

Idiots mock a the coronavirus. 

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Xbox seems to be heading towards a cloud-base gaming service, and we think it will work. 

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JVB is going to give you advice that you should take seriously.  

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A new year is around the corner, and so are the new home consoles. 

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Golfrat, Nef, and JVB review the latest Star Wars installment. 

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The PGR crew talks Death Stranding. 

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Here is the ultimate Joker review from the PGR crew. 

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Listen as we discuss what happened during E3 2019. 

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JVB explains why he still loves the Halo franchise. 

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Jackie from the Real Professional Podcast joins the PGR crew to talk about Game Of Thrones, Batman, and shaving. 

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The past weekend was truly special for fans of Comic Books, and Game Of Thrones. Heck, those who enjoy Video Games were also treated to a new game release.

So because of this historical time period in cinema, PGR needed to be in full force. Find out who makes a long awaited return to PGR and what we have to say about Days Gone, episode 3 of Game Of Thrones, and Avengers: End Game. 

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The PGR crew talks about the Joker teaser trailer and how it reflects today's society. 

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Who finished Crackdown 3? 

Dio wants to discuss last- generation consoles. 

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Happy New Year! PGR is back with a new episode. 

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We give you our Game Of The Year for 2018. 

What will the new consoles cost when they release? We have an idea. 

Why does PGR consider themselves the Public Enemy of Video Game podcast and everyone else a watered down version of Ice Cube? 

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Is Red Dead Redemption 2 game of the generation? 

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JVB is solo this episode. 

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The PGR crew talks about Football, movies and Destiny 2 DLC. 

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We talk about Red Dead Redemption 2 and stuff. 

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What do we think about Sony's E3 press conference? 

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Find out what we think about the Xbox E3 presentation. 


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Find out what we think will happen during this years E3. 

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Do not listen to this episode if you do not want to hear SPOILERS!!!! 

We review Avengers: Infinity War.


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Find out what we think of God Of War. 

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Nef and JVB chat about the latest happenings in entertainment. 

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Why are people so up in arms about Cross Play between different Video Game consoles? 

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We discuss the Black Punter.

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What does PGR think about these Xbox and EA rumors? 

TG1 Eddie gives his impressions on Monster Hunter: World

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How will Xbox do now that their new released Video Game titles are going to be included in their Game Pass subscription plan? 

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Find out how JVB nearly talked himself out of doing something awesome. 

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What we're gonna do right here is go back. Way back. Back in to time. 

Leave your feedback:




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PGR reviews the years 2017, and speak about Content Creators taking responsibility for their actions. 

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What motivates you to make yourself better? 

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This episode is dedicated to Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Find out what PGR thinks about the latest episode of Star Wars. 

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Golfrat and JVB sit down and talk about their favorite hobbies, movies, and Video Games. 

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So what are we up to? 

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JVB and Golfrat finally bought themselves a Nintendo Switch. Find out what they have to say about it. 

Soldier X bought an Xbox One X and absolutely loves it, but why does he plan to return it? 

Is PGR coming to an end? 

Direct download: Post_Game_Report_-_Switch_Box_X_.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 9:15pm EST

What happened between Soldier and another podcast host? 

Is the iPhone still a magical device?

How do we like Destiny 2? 

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Crackdown 3 is delayed, and Gamescom 2017 was not too pleasant for Xbox fanatics. 

Direct download: Post_Game_Report_-_Cracked_Down._.mp3
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Some PGR veterans make their long awaited return to talk about the latest episode of Game Of Thrones. 

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What happens when three Nintendo fans confront the biggest Nintendo critic? 

Direct download: Post_Game_Report_--_Roasted_Rat.mp3
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There will be some changes made to the Post Game Report. 

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How is the PGR crew liking the Destiny 2 beta? 

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So how did Xbox do at their 2017 E3 press conference? Find out. 

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Category:Video Games -- posted at: 9:21pm EST

We let you know what we feel will happen during this years E3. 

Direct download: Post_Game_Report_E3_2017_.mp3
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Destiny 2 is the talk of the town. 

Direct download: PGR_Destiny_Two.mp3
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There has been a lot of mixed messages coming from the Xbox camp. Why is that? Who is to blame? Find out.

Golfrat believes that the Xbox Scorpio will win the hearts of Gamers at this years E3. He will explain why. 

You can find the Post Game Report on Twitter: @PostGameReport

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This episode is all about the latest Xbox Scorpio specs. 

Direct download: Post_Game_Report_-_Year_Of_The_Scorpio_.mp3
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We are back. 

Direct download: PGR_Switch_.mp3
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The Playstation 4 Pro is getting a performance boost. 

How good is Resident Evil 7? 

Direct download: Post_Game_Report_-_PS4_Boost_Mode_and_DLC_Outrage._.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 10:08pm EST

Lots of Video Game news surrounding the Xbox brand is discussed. 

Resident Evil on the Playstation VR? 

Direct download: Post_Game_Report_376_.mp3
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Scalebound for the Xbox One was cancelled and disappointed some Gamers. What will Xbox deliver to lesson that blow? 

The Nintendo Switch has some of the PGR crew excited. Find out why. 

Direct download: Post_Game_Report_375_.mp3
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Happy New Year! 

What happens when an internet bully gets a taste of his own medicine? 

When are you too old to collect action figures? 

What console will outsell the Xbox Scorpio? JVB will tell you. 

Intro music by JVB

Outro music by JVB 

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The Post Game Report reviews Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. 

Joining us is Conrad Iwanicki, creator of the Godhand comic. He gives us the run down about the Godhand comic book

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Why does JVB call The Last Guardian his Game Of The Year for 2016? 

The Playstation Experience was a smash hit, and filled with surprises. That means PGR has lots to say about it. 

We name our 2016 Game Of The Year. 

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We hope you had a great Happy Thanksgiving! 

The PGR staff share what Black Friday deals they picked up this year. 

Which First Person Shooter is considered the best of 2016? 

Why do "big" Youtube channels lie? 

What can Microsoft do to entice consumers towards the Xbox Scorpio? 

Direct download: Post_Game_Report_371.mp3
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To celebrate the 15th year of the Xbox brand, we share our first Xbox experience. 

TG1 Eddie reviews the Nintendo Mini. 

The PS4 Pro is here, and the crew share their hands-on experience. 

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