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We don't break the news, but we do manage to break the news in a fun, and unpredictable way. The Post Game Report doesn't enjoy playing by the rules -- instead we create the rules.

JVB talks about his days as a Wrestling fanatic. 

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CBS All Access has a really good documentary called Console Wars on their streaming service, and it's really good. 

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People tend to forget that the Xbox 360 had an amazing lineup of Vide Games. So what happened? 

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Today marks the official pre-order date for the Xbox Series consoles, and it brought back memories of the time JVB pre-ordered his Xbox 360. 

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Today Microsoft purchased Bethesda Softworks for $7.5 Billion! 

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We discuss the pricing of the PS5 and release date. 

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Hello, everyone. I wanted to share what it is like to live with a traumatic brain injury. 

It's been pretty tough for me, but I am beginning to find ways to approach the most basic things in a new way. I explain it all in today's episode. 

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