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We don't break the news, but we do manage to break the news in a fun, and unpredictable way. The Post Game Report doesn't enjoy playing by the rules -- instead we create the rules.

The long awaited review is finally here. What do we think of The Order 1886? Find out, on episode 306.

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Lots of heated debates have centered around the next PS4 exclusive, The Order 1886. The PGR host discuss their feelings, and expectations for Sony's new intellectual property. 

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EA CFO Blake Jorgensen made a statement about Titanfall 2 possibly landing on mulitple consoles. Sounds interesting enough to talk about in episode 304.

Dying Light co-op is really fun. Find out why. 

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Welcome to episode 303, where we talk about the impact the sale of Sony Online Entertainment will have to multi-console owners. 

The Halo Master Chief Collection was going to launch a beta but recently cancelled it. Does this mean that 343 Studios finally found a cure for it's broken multi-player? 

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