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We don't break the news, but we do manage to break the news in a fun, and unpredictable way. The Post Game Report doesn't enjoy playing by the rules -- instead we create the rules.

The Post Game Report crew reveal which games deserve their awards for 2014. 

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The Playstation event made it's debut on December 6, 2014 and along with it, lots of big headlines. What did PGR think about the event? 

Uncharted 4 was demonstrated on stage, and seem to impress all who attended, including TG1 Eddie. 

Why does it hurt JVB to say that Halo MCC still doesn't function correctly? 

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We wish the Playstation a happy 20th birthday. 

Lots of Video Games seem to release with loads of bugs, and this makes us angry. 

A Star Wars: The Force Awakening teaser trailer was released last week, and the PGR crew shares their feedback. 


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This episode is full of content, and comedy. 

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Groove Mechanic joins the PGR crew to talk about Halo, and Halofest. 

What do we really think about Assassins Creed: Unity? 

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Joining the PGR crew this week is Cyrus--editor-in-chief of 

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Someone on the PGR podcast plans to sell his Xbox One on Ebay, and he explains why.

The Playstation TV sounds great in theory, but how well does it perform what has been promised? 

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So much has been made about the comments Ubisoft made in regards to Assassins Creed: Unity. We discuss why this has divided the Video Game community. 

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We cover a wide variety of topics during episode 290 of the Post Game Report. One of the main topics is Destiny and how good, and bad it really is.

The iPhone 6, and 6 Plus get reviewed, as well as the new iOS 8. 

How good is Diablo 3? Find out. 

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We talk Destiny......

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare gets a lot of attention from the Post Game Report crew.

P.T. is the best Video Game reveal of all time. Find out why. 

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The Post Game Report crew break down the Microsoft and Sony presentations during the 2014 Gamescom event. 

Rise of the Tomb Raider is an Xbox One exclusive, and PGR has plenty to say about that. 

Play Share on the PS4 sounds too good to be true. Is it? 

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EA announced that the Xbox One would receive a new subscription service called EA Access. PGR will explain what it's all about, and analyze the impact EA Access will have in the console market. 

The Last Of Us remastered has made it's debut on the PS4, and Derrick shares his first experience as a first-time player. Also, we explain why TLOU multi-player is so good. 

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The Playstation Now beta has added pricing to it's games, and the PGR crew has a lot to say about that. 

Most of the crew has played the Battlefield Hardline beta for the PS4, so expect a PGR-style conversation about it. 

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The crew reviews the first full day of E3. 

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The PGR crew review Microsoft, EA, UBI Soft, and the Sony press events. 

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The week before E3 is full of anticipation, so the PGR crew sits down to talk about some recent Video Game news to help them pass the time. 

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Some of the guys will review Wolfenstein: The New Order. 

Transistor is an exclusive for the PS4, and JVB will give his impressions. 

The Order 1886 is rumored to release in 2015, so what does that do for the fall lineup of games for the PS4? 

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Thank you for downloading another episode of the Post Game Report. This week PGR talks about Halo 5, and the rumors that the Xbox One will receive ports of Halo 1 through 4. 

Nef and GUI J reveal what they would like to see at E3 from the PS4, and XB1. 

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Microsoft announced that the Xbox One will no longer come bundled with the Kinect, and cost consumers $399 this year on June 9th, 2014. 

What does the future hold for the Kinect?

What will Microsoft do at E3? 

Why was JVB so upset with Sony? 

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The Post Game Report covers a wide variety of Video Game topics, this week. 

JVB has lots to say about the MLB The Show 14 mess. 

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Golfrat, Derrick Gott, and JVB remember how awesome the arcades used to be. 

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This is one broken episode. 

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JVB has an apology to make to his friends, and the listeners of the Post Game Report podcast. 

The PGR staff is really excited to see what Microsoft will do for Xbox owners at this years E3.

Soldier X talks about his PAX East experience, which might surprise some of you. 

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Phil Spencer is now the boss of the Xbox kingdom, and looks to change things that will benefit the Gamer. We give our thoughts and share our personal thoughts about Phil Spencer. 

Buying a new Video Game console is always a risk, because of various reasons. But what happens when that new console you bought months ago, gets a price cut, gives away their biggest game, and is said to become better with the DirectX 12 in 2015, and the "cloud"? 

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Facebook now owns Oculus Rift and the PGR crew has a theory, or two, to share with you. 

Sony had a rough week due to layoffs within some of their big first party studios. What impact will that have with the future of the Playstation 4? 

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We open the show with some sales talk, followed by a discussion regarding the importance of sales to the Video Game community. 

Sony finally revealed their virtual reality head gear. What do we think about it?

Finally, we all had a chance to play inFAMOUS: Second Son, and can't wait to tell you what we think about it, so far. 

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JVB reviews MGS V: Ground Zeroes. 

The staff review TItanfall. 

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Now that the retail version of Titanfall is out in the market, PGR sits down to give their initial impressions. 

People have been very upset with Sony about Killzone SF multiplayer resolution. Who is to blame for this? 

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The Post Game Report reveal their issues with the Playstation 4. 

How does Nef like his brand new PS4? He gives his review. 

Streaming from the PS4 is cool. Derrick talks about some of his favorite channels. 

No voice message option on the new Xbox One update is troublesome to JVB. 

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Microsoft made a few announcements on February 24th, 2014 that has generated some waves in the gaming industry. As usual, the PGR staff will give you their take, as only they can. 

Do any of the Post Game Report host feel cheated by Microsoft for releasing Titanfall for free with the purchase of the Xbox One?

Will a price cut help the the Xbox One move units in the European market?

Outlast on the Playstation 4 has been a hit, and Golfrat, Derrick, Eddie, and JVB talk about their experience with the game. 

As always, Stuart provides PGR listeners with his unique commentary. 

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PGR will breakdown what they experienced with the Titan Fall beta. 

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The Post Game Report team talk about Flappy Bird, and why Eddie finds it so addictive. 

The Xbox One gets a top ten list that will make you cuddle your Xbox One. 

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A conversation about the Xbox One sets the tone for another intense episode of the Post Game Report. 

Why is Golfrat still having issues with his Xbox One? 

Since Titan Fall is getting so much hype, the staff decided to predict what review scores the game would receive. 

FromPage2Screen provides PGR listeners with a new segment. 

The new Transformers movie trailer aired during Super Bowl 48, and Nef has some serious issues with it. 

How will a new Gears of War play out? The PGR crew share some input and ideas for the next installment of Gears of War for the Xbox One. 

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Lady J, and Derrict Gott join the PGR crew to talk about Video Games, and the it's culture. 

Julie reviews the Xbox One and PS4 for the first time, and you might be surprised at what she has to say about both consoles. 

What does Golfrat think about Killzone Mercenary, and the PS Vita? 

Derrick Gott brings up an interesting news piece that creates an interesting conversation about women in the Video Game industry. 

JVB gives his impressions on Ryse: Son of Rome.

Wolf Among Us gets a review from Soldier X. 

Music mix provided by DJ Dekade

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Episode 261 of the Post Game Report podcast features a review of the PS Vita buy Golfrat--who also reveals his latest thoughts about the Xbox One. 

Will Titan Fall become the "next big thing" in the FPS genre? PGR talks about the latest Titan Fall news, and explain their opinions about it. 

JVB sits down on the couch and lets it all hang out when he tells the crew that he feels a bit down about a thread he read at a website about Video Games podcast. 

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The entire Post Game Report staff back to record the first episode of the year. 

Join Phoenix, Eddie, GUi J, Superman, Soldier, SpongeBob, Golfrat, Nef, and JVB for a conversation regarding the PS4, Xbox One, and Steam Machines. 

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