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We don't break the news, but we do manage to break the news in a fun, and unpredictable way. The Post Game Report doesn't enjoy playing by the rules -- instead we create the rules.

Merry Christmas from the Post Game Report. 

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Here is the annual Christmas Special brought to you by Bad Dudes Blade, and Striker.

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The Post Game Report has a new host.

Eddie talks about his new Xbox One. 

Why is Soldier angry at JVB?

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The Post Game Report podcast reviews the Xbox One, and Playstation 4. 

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Being a smart consumer means knowing everything about the product you plan on purchasing. The Post Game Report will help you understand what the Playstation 4, and Xbox One are all about. 

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Most of the crew is back for a full episode of the Post Game Report. Find out why it has taken us so long to record episode 255.

Our special guest is Tony from

We talk about our favorite gaming moments, and which consoles of the past influenced us the most. 

There are two new consoles being released in November of 2013. So why are people fighting on the internet about them? 

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Platform Nation, and Talking About Games team up to bring you an awesome interview with Octodad Level Designer Majdi Badri

During our interview, we will talk about the early days of Young Horses, Inc, the inspiration for Octodad, and what it's like to develop a Video Game for the Playstion 4. 

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Joining PGR is Ethan from the Gaming On The Rocks podcast

We talk about the impact Valve's Steam OS could have on the Video Game industry,

GTA V is here, and we have things to say about it. 

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We review Breaking Bad episode 514 with special guest, LiquiLife. 

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JVB talks about the many rumors surrounding "next-gen" consoles that have people up in arms. 

Should you buy a PS4, or Xbox One at launch? JVB will help you decide. 

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JVB has an Xbox One on pre-order, but the rest of the PGR staff have something to say that may change his mind. 

Microsoft announce that external HDD support will not be ready for the Xbox One launch. How does that impact the Xbox One during it's launch window? 

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The full team is back, and ready to occupy your time with the usual PGR madness. 

Nef, Soldier, Heroic Superman, TG1 Eddie, and JVB talk about Gamescom, and Batman vs Superman. 

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TG1 Eddie and JVB talk about Gamescom 2013. 

Sony has revealed that the PS 4 will go on sale on November 15th, 2013, and this has the crew excited. 

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We review Saints Row 4 and Breaking Bad: Buried. 

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The whole crew is back for episode 247 of the Post Game Report. Find out what we've been up to, and what we have in store for the future of, and PGR.

Soldier has an idea for a new Kickstarter for every host on PGR. You will not want to miss what he comes up with.

JVB has been away from Xbox Live because of the PSN. Find out why.

Microsoft has changed a few things around on the Xbox One. What do we think about the "new" Microsoft, and their strategy. 

And finally, the Post Game Report reviews the latest episode of Breaking Bad. This, my friends, is a must-listen. 

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So is the Post Game Report back?

Nef and JVB review Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream

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PGR 227 The Lost Episode

Classic episode that made JVB so angry he almost quit podcasting before the most recent time.

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So JVB is taking a break from podcasting. Find out why.

What PS4, and Xbox One launch titles are the guys getting on day one?

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Find out what we think about the latest announcement regarding the Xbox One. 

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So what do we think of the Playstation 4? Which games impressed up on the first day of E3? 

We will answer all of these questions, and more. 

Make sure to leave us a review, and subscribe to us on iTunes

Twitter: @PostGameReport

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The Post Game Report reviews the Microsoft 2013 E3 press event. 

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GUI J and Nef finally have their chance to talk about the Xbox One, and the state of Video Games. 

And don't forget that on Monday, June 10, 2013, PGR is going to cover E3. 

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JVB predicts that Microsoft is going to announce a mega bomb for the Xbox One at this years E3. 

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Find out what the Post Game Report has to say about the Xbox One. 

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On May 21st, Microsoft will reveal their new Xbox. Find out what the Post Game Report has planned for that day. 

Who are Blade and Striker? Find out. 

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Xbox Infinity.

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Penny Arcade's Downloadable Content podcast makes a killing through KickStarter. 

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The team starts off by reviewing Iron Man 3 in full spoiler mode. 

EA is incharge of creating good Star Wars games for us to play....Do they have our faith? 

JVB's son reviews Injustice: Gods Among Us. 

And finally, what will we see at the May, 21st Xbox Reveal Event? 

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JVB explains why there hasn't been a new episode of the Post Game Report. 

The son of JVB reviews Injustice: Gods Among Us. 

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What will Microsoft do during the May 21st Xbox reveal? JVB thinks he may know. 

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Listen in as we discuss the many rumors surrounding the nex-gen Xbox. 

Gui J reviews Bioshock Infinite. 

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We finally speak about Bioshock Infinite spoilers. JVB doesn't feel the hype, and SoldierX explains why he should. 

The crew also pays respect to the TV series known as Spartacus (spoilers)

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I continue to tweak my home studio for optimal sound. Using the Blue Spark XLR microphone, and Scarlett 2i2 is a learning experience that I hope you enjoy listening to. 

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I test out my new audio equipment, the Blue Spark microphone, and Scarlett 2i2 audio interface. 

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What do you guys feel about spoilers? The crew has a debate about them. 

We read our latest reviews. 

The Walking Dead had a finale. What does PGR think about it? 

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Adam Orth from Microsoft found out first-hand how a few words on Twitter can equate to a world of hurt. 

JVB talks about his own Twitter drama, and how he took control of it. 

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So what do we think of some of your iTunes reviews? We tell you. 

How good is Bioshock Infinite? We will tell you! 

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PGR 228 - EnforcerGate

Pax Talk+ 

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The gang is joined by PGR alumn Pheonix to talk about Tomb Raider, Gears of War, and Spec Ops: The Line. 

And find out who said they wouldn't play Gears of War: Judgment even if it were free. 

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PGR 225: The Walking Throne and Games of Dead

Join SoldierX, TG1_Eddie, and Heroic Superman as they get Ralphy's opinion on the PS4, Xbox Talk and some TV show news.

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Jesse Phillips from joins the PGR crew to talk about the Sony Playstion 4. 

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Yes folks, Dave Fennoy, the voice of Lee Everett from the Walking Dead Video Game, joins the Post Game Report podcast to talk about his career, the Walking Dead, and his Video Game skills. 

On 2/20/13 episode 223 will feature talks about the Sony announcements. Will a new Playstion be among the topics of conversation? 

If you enjoy what you hear on the Post Game Report podcast, please leave us some feedback on iTunes. 

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The Post Game Report crew break down Bungies new game, Destiny. 

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What will Sony announce on February 20 2013? The Post Game Report will tell you, and more. 

We also discuss what will Microsoft do if Sony does reveal it's new console. 

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TG1 Eddie reveals something very personal to us all. Find out what it is. 

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JVB discovers Fable 3? 

Why would TG1 Eddie reveal that he knows how to do the worm? 

Law makers want to blame Video Games about the recent shootings. The PGR crew discuss what they think about that. 

Make sure to listen at the end for the after-show banter. 

The Worm video:

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On the PGR menu:

How do we conduct reviews for Video Games. 

Voice of a Gamer

GUI J reviews Devil May Cry. 

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The PGR crew starts off the new year with an in-depth discussion about the 2013 line up of Video Games. 

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