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PGR 159 Breaking Faitios

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PGR 158 - A Soldier Rises

Welcome my friends to the Post Game Report, if you are reading this then for sure you must now know that PGR has been taken over by SOldierX, that's right ladies and germs no more JVB.

As my first order of business, DCD your fired, OK now that I've handled the petty stuff let's talk about something important. On episode 158 we have Knoxx from the GeekFTW podcast, he will talk to us about all of his projects and then we will stream right into some Netflix talk...see what I did there? We also take a quick look at whats poppin over at EA, a quick tip it ain't popcorn.

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Now that the Uncharted 3 beta has been released to the public, the Post Game Report posse talks about their experience with the beta. Not all of it is good.

Have you ever been to a Gamestop, and found yourself listening to the counter person give his/hers sales pitch? What happens when you hear the famous line about reserving an upcoming video game? What do you tell them, then? Do you listen, or cut them off before they can finish? Take a listen, and find out how each host handles this situation.

In today's tough economical times, we are always looking to save a buck. And video games is an expensive hobby. So when Amazon puts a popular video game title on sale, how quickly do you jump on it? Do you find yourself waiting for these sales? or do you continue the old ritual of waiting in line for your favorite game? The Post Game Report managed to generate a great discussion about the benefit of waiting for video games to drop in price.

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Here is a clip of the upcoming Transformers review that is only available to the PGR App owners.

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The Post Game Report crew is joined by Dust Storm, host of the Podtacular podcast.

Extensive talk about the new season of True Blood, and the latest episode of Voltron ensues, and a rant about the first amendment makes its way to the show.

On the video game front, we give our impressions about the Uncharted 3 beta, and The DCD gives us the lowdown about Fear 3.

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And for those who own the official PGR App on their Android, and Apple phones. There is a special audio segment created specifically for you.

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