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PGR 155 - Titillating

Join the PGR crew as they talk about cool stuff!

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The return of the Post Game Report has finally arrived! Not only do we have two amazing guest, we cover E3, and discuss the long awaited video game - Duke Nukem: Forever. This episode is nearly 2 hours long, and is full of great content.

Guest Host:

- Esmeralda from Sarcastic Gamer Pink

- Crash from The Gamers Garage

Games covered:

Duke Nukem:Forever


- E3


- Game of thrones

- New Voltron Force series

- Super 8

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Post Game Report 153 - The e3'SOME

Want some? Come get some, and just to be sure you get just "some" we have split the audio for our e3 coverage across 3 feeds and 3 different podcast.

Part 1 with PGR covers the Sony Press Event

Part 2 with Thats Our Opinion covers Microsofts Presser

Part 3 with GamersTransform covers the Nintendo Event.

You can find That's Our Opinion on and GamersTransform on

as always thanks for listenin and please leave us some feedback on iTunes.

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Never has there been such accurate E3 predictions. Listen, and learn.

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