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We don't break the news, but we do manage to break the news in a fun, and unpredictable way. The Post Game Report doesn't enjoy playing by the rules -- instead we create the rules.

Here it is: The final episode of 2011. And because of that, the PGR crew decided that we were going to end the year with one of our best episodes of the year. 

There was a major PR fiasco, thanks to Ocean Marketing. So PGR decided to talk about the emails that set off the fury of Gamers, and discuss the power of the internet. 

We also take a look back at the year 2011, and reveal our positives, and negatives about this past year. As a bonus, we give a new years resolution, too. 

The Dark Knight Rising trailer was released last week, and TG1 Eddie had nothing but hatred towards it. Find out why. 

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JVB give you an update on the future of, and the Post Game Report podcast. 

The entire TAG staff would like to wish you guys a Merry Christmas. 

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JVB goes solo to explain what is going on with the website.

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Sit down with us as we view the Spike TV Video Games Award show. 

JVB ask the rest of the crew if there is a need for a Video Games award show. 

DJ Rainz wanted to know if Podcasters should take responsibility for what they say to their listeners. 

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The holidays are over so it is time for a new episode of the Post Game Report. Episode 172  features special guest: Crash -- who regrets the day he ever met The DCD. But that is besides the point because the gang is in typical PGR form, and the topics are deep with thought, and intelligence.......Well -- not so much of that.
Please remember that you can make Christmas very memorable for a child in need by donating your boxed toys to the Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA) Toys For Tots Program:

Attention: Heather Ellertson
64 Danbury Road Suite 700
Wilton, CT 06897
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Arnold S Hip Hop Debut.

Arnold S rescues the world of Hip Hop with his debut song.

Music provided by: That's How We Do It (Karaoke)

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The Post Game Report - 171

Joining the Post Game Report crew is Maxwell from

- We talk about Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.

- They revisit the discussion about Modern Warfare 3, and why are people bashing it.

- The DCD talks about Skyrim, and Saints Row 3.

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The long awaited Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is finally here. The PGR crew get in a very intense debate about MW3, and the Video Game community.

You don't want to miss this episode.

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The Post Game Report - Episode 169

This episode is full of Batman Arkham City talk. But be warned: We reveal spoilers.

Heroic Superman, and JVB breakdown their experience with Battlefield 3 for the Xbox 360.

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The ECA presents: Voice of a Gamer

The Entertainment Consumers Association brings you a new weekly segment called: Voice of a Gamer. Voice of a Gamer gives you an opportunity to share your gaming experience with gamers from all over the world.

This week we feature community manager for the ECA: Jose Betancourt.

If you would like to be featured in Voice of a Gamer, let us know on our Facebook page:

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The Post Game Report: Episode 168

We talk about season four of Breaking Bad.

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The Post Game Report is joined by VulgarDaClown from the website.

We remember Steve Jobs.

The DCD, and Soldier X talk about RAGE.

JVB reviews Orcs Must Die

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The Post Game Report - 166

The Amazon Kindle Fire was announced this week, so the crew decided to compare it to other tablets, and hand-held gaming devices.

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The Post Game Report Episode 165: Gears 3 Horde Adventures

The Post Game Report share their first bout of Horde Mode in Gears of War 3.

JVB does a preview for Winter Stars on the Xbox 360 Kinect.

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We review Gears of War 3!!!!!

Thank you to our guest:

Mrs Lefty Brown



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The Post Game Report - Episode 163: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

There is PLENTY of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 talk in episode 163. Joining us - to share her experience with MWF3 - is Chastity from

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The Post Game Report - 162

PAX Prime. Battlefield 3. Nuff said.

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The Post Game Report - 161

Episode 161 features the entire Post Game Report crew - who happen to be in rare form. And joining them is no other than the Street Fighter enthusiast: Golf Rat, from the Talking About Gamers podcast. 

This episode is just about 2 hours long, so the content is rich, insightful, and entertaining.

One of our biggest discussions involve "Community Etiquette".

Follow the Post Game Report on Twitter: @PostGameReport 

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After a very long delay, the Post Game Report is finally back. We discuss Comic Con 2011, Voltron, Thunder Cats, Dark Knight Rises, and Captain America. 

This episode is full of "nerdom" 

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PGR 159 Breaking Faitios

show is live go to

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PGR 158 - A Soldier Rises

Welcome my friends to the Post Game Report, if you are reading this then for sure you must now know that PGR has been taken over by SOldierX, that's right ladies and germs no more JVB.

As my first order of business, DCD your fired, OK now that I've handled the petty stuff let's talk about something important. On episode 158 we have Knoxx from the GeekFTW podcast, he will talk to us about all of his projects and then we will stream right into some Netflix talk...see what I did there? We also take a quick look at whats poppin over at EA, a quick tip it ain't popcorn.

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Now that the Uncharted 3 beta has been released to the public, the Post Game Report posse talks about their experience with the beta. Not all of it is good.

Have you ever been to a Gamestop, and found yourself listening to the counter person give his/hers sales pitch? What happens when you hear the famous line about reserving an upcoming video game? What do you tell them, then? Do you listen, or cut them off before they can finish? Take a listen, and find out how each host handles this situation.

In today's tough economical times, we are always looking to save a buck. And video games is an expensive hobby. So when Amazon puts a popular video game title on sale, how quickly do you jump on it? Do you find yourself waiting for these sales? or do you continue the old ritual of waiting in line for your favorite game? The Post Game Report managed to generate a great discussion about the benefit of waiting for video games to drop in price.

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You can find the Post Game Report Application on the Android, and Apple App-store. The cost is $1.99.

Here is a clip of the upcoming Transformers review that is only available to the PGR App owners.

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The Post Game Report crew is joined by Dust Storm, host of the Podtacular podcast.

Extensive talk about the new season of True Blood, and the latest episode of Voltron ensues, and a rant about the first amendment makes its way to the show.

On the video game front, we give our impressions about the Uncharted 3 beta, and The DCD gives us the lowdown about Fear 3.

You can follow the Post Game Report on Twitter - @PostGameReport.

And for those who own the official PGR App on their Android, and Apple phones. There is a special audio segment created specifically for you.

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PGR 155 - Titillating

Join the PGR crew as they talk about cool stuff!

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The return of the Post Game Report has finally arrived! Not only do we have two amazing guest, we cover E3, and discuss the long awaited video game - Duke Nukem: Forever. This episode is nearly 2 hours long, and is full of great content.

Guest Host:

- Esmeralda from Sarcastic Gamer Pink

- Crash from The Gamers Garage

Games covered:

Duke Nukem:Forever


- E3


- Game of thrones

- New Voltron Force series

- Super 8

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Post Game Report 153 - The e3'SOME

Want some? Come get some, and just to be sure you get just "some" we have split the audio for our e3 coverage across 3 feeds and 3 different podcast.

Part 1 with PGR covers the Sony Press Event

Part 2 with Thats Our Opinion covers Microsofts Presser

Part 3 with GamersTransform covers the Nintendo Event.

You can find That's Our Opinion on and GamersTransform on

as always thanks for listenin and please leave us some feedback on iTunes.

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Never has there been such accurate E3 predictions. Listen, and learn.

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GamersTransform LA Noire Promo

SoldierX along with DJ Rainz take on LA Noire, join special guest Heroic Superman and very, very special guest MissJess from SFX-360 as they try to solve one of LA Noire biggest questions, Should you buy or rent this game?

show available now on itunes.

Next show we will cover is Infamous2 please leave a review for GamersTransform on iTunes for your chance to win a copy of the game.

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Post Game Report Episode 150

SFX Shinobi

JVB is joinedby DCD, SoldierX and Heroic Superman with special guest Rashanii from the Single Simulcast.

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I will add fire to the fuel......

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I got your outage.......

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Life is like a beta code......

- Mortal Kombat

- Portal 2

- Scream 4

- Game Of Thrones

- Gears Of War 3 beta

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Soldier has a crush....

SFX Miss Jess and SFX Lady J join the Post Game Report for a deep, and emotional episode.

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Episode 145 is like a big glass of orange juice......

- IgotIssues - from Radio Active Nerd - joins PGR to talk about video games, and Wrestlemania 27

- Ever wondered what wrestling gimmick the PGR crew would create if they were wrestlers?




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Nintendo 3DS

Crysis 2 not worth $10?

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Crysis 2 talk and Janet Jackson?

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PAX East.

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- We talk about:

* GDC 2011

* Uncharted 3

* InFamous 2

* Batman

- The crew decides to freestyle rap.......


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The Post Game Report is proud to be joined by the Gamer Fit Nation website.




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* This weeks special guest is DJ RAINZ

* We talk about Killzone 3

* How well does the Playstation Sharpshooter plays?

* Gears of War 3 finally has a release date

* Don't tell Phoenix that Beyonce has her own shoe line

For those who own our PGR App - enjoy our special audio clip.

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Post Game Report Episode 138 The Pre Pax

Join JVB, SoldierX, Phoenix410 and the one and only Oooopy as they visit the ghost of Pax past and are visited by the ghost of Pax future.


We have no idea where 137 is either.


The crew get's into a little KillZone 3 and Fallout NV action.


No DCD orHeroic Superman this week.

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The Post Game Report posse is joined by Uriyya - host of The Show Radio - which can be found at

Topics of discussion:

- Have we seen the last of Guitar Hero?

- You Don't Know Jack

- Heroic Map Pack

- The value that is known as the Playstation Plus

- E3 rules and the impact it has on the "little guy"

You can find the Post Game Report on iTunes; the Android, and iPhone app, and at






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The Post Game Report podcast is proud to present it's Killzone 3 review.

* We take a look back at the history of the Killzone franchise and story arc.

* The DCD gives us his review on the highly anticipated video game: Killzone 3.

* Head over to to join our Killzone 3 open-beta Game Night. We still have a few slots open, so make sure you sign up before 2/4/11. The match begins at 8PM Eastern time, on the PSN. 


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A tease.

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Raychul joins the Post Game Report for a heated discussion about the Sony NGP.

The Post Game Report also gives you impression on the latest demos of Crysis 2 and Bulletstorm.

Also, find out what we think about Dead Space 2.










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133 - Grimace and Chicken Breast

It's time for episode 133 and this we we've got a Superbus a Superman a SuperSoldier a SuperSheepEffer a SuperJVB and a SuperPhoenix and we discuss the Nintendo 3DS, new Ps3 releases, Gaming Company closures and succulent boobies. Plus, DCD is the Grimace...Swear to me! all on episode 133.

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132 - 2011 A.D.CD

PGR 132 is here so please give it a listen

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131 - GameCenter Show

Join the PGR crew this week as they bring in the DCD and Zincous as guest.

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