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PGR106 - Nice Work Agent

Feels like it was just last week when we last heard from the Post Game Report. Fresh off his E3 adventures, SoldierX returns to join SugarFree, Phoenix410 and HeroicSuperman for an hour of audio bliss. As mentioned, Soldier safely returned from E3 and issues some remarks, clarifications, and drops a half-dozen names in the process. Mass Effect 2 DLC is out, but some of us are not pleased with BioWare. Puzzle Quest 2 is out, and SugarFree is in love. And we spend some quality time with the Crackdown 2 demo. Do the orbs still do it for us? You’ll have to listen to find out.

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E3 2010 - The Recap

It's time for the Post Game Report to issue its closing statement on E3. JVB leads a serious discussion of everything the video game industry has to offer featuring Parris, Phoenix410, SugarFree, HeroicSuperman and special guest TG1_Eddie

The first part of this episode is purely the Mind of Parris. Listen in for his thoughts about the press conferences from the "Big Three" - Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo - and detailed impressions of Kinect and Move. Naturally there are plenty of tangents and quick asides from all over Los Angeles. Due to some technical difficulties we couldn't get him to comment on Nintendo's 3DS, but rumor is, he is a believer.

After the break the full crew takes over for their impressions including: SugarFree going to the balcony, JVB wanting more from PSN+, Phoenix still loving Gears of War, HeroicSuperman's high hopes for Kinect, and Eddie's obsession with trying to "catch 'em all". We will return with PGR Proper next week including SoldierX's full impressions of E3.

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PGR105 - Easy as 1, 2, E3

With E3 right around the corner, the Post Game Report has some predictions for you. Some bold, some beautiful, some good, some bad, some outright ugly. SugarFree hosts JVB, SoldierX, Phoenix410 and HeroicSuperman for another week of banter, jokes and the occasional comment on something video game related. Before the E3 talk we have some thoughts on the iPhone 4 and whatever the heck Mortal Kombat: Rebirth is.

As an appetizer for E3 2010, we each highlight a disappointment from E3 2009. For the main course: predictions for Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony with a few miscellaneous predictions sprinkled on top. You might not want to listen to this podcast while you are driving. One prediction in particular will cause traffic accidents. And did I mention that the Godfather, Parris is back again this week? Oh, well he is. You're welcome.

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PGR104 - I'm Awesome

Remember us? The Post Game Report is back and better than ever as SugarFree hosts JVB, Phoenix410, SoldierX and HeroicSuperman for another audio adventure. This week we spend some time discussing the latest racing games to hit the market, namely Blur, Split/Second, and ModNation Racers. Mario Galaxy 2 gets a lot of love from a certain Godfather and JVB breaks down the many highs and lows of Backbreaker. There's also formspring questions, independent Insomniac Games analysis, and a lot of talk about the potential price point of Project Natal - or is that Wave?

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