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PGR 99 - Untitled

The other title nominee for Episode 99 was the Super Lightning Round, however it lost the coin toss this week. Anyway...SugarFree, JVB, SoldierX and Phoenix410 have gathered to discuss a multitude of news topics for the week. Halo: Reach has 3, count 'em, 3 SKUs planned for its release - find out who will be buying the Legendary Edition. Phoenix has some kind words for the 3D movement, especially if it involves The Dark Knight. Soldier breaks out his crystal ball for the first round of E3 2010 predictions. JVB has a man-crush on Kevin Butler. And SugarFree loves the idea of watching baseball games on his PS3.

To be honest with you, that doesn't even come close to the range of topics we cover on Episode 99 of the Post Game Report. You're better off just listening to the fun that ensued.

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