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PGR 97 - I am Sam

It looks like the Spring Rush of gaming is coming to an end, but that doesn't mean the Post Game Report is slowing down. Strap in for another round of games, laughter and of course, more laughter as SugarFree hosts Episode 97 with HeroicSuperman, SoldierX, Phoenix410 and Robbiejo from the Talking About Gamers podcast. Phoenix offers up his final thoughts on PAX East including some exclusive, never before heard stories that you don't want to miss. Soldier finally completed Mass Effect 2 on Insanity, find out if the game still delivers. SugarFree actually played, and beat God of War 3 - is it the savior of the PS3?

And, as the title suggests, Soldier has impressions on the first half of Splinter Cell: Conviction. If you are anticipating this game then this is a conversation you do not want to miss.

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