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We don't break the news, but we do manage to break the news in a fun, and unpredictable way. The Post Game Report doesn't enjoy playing by the rules -- instead we create the rules.
PGR 87 - It's Only Stealing If Your Caught

PGR 87

On this epic episode of PGR, we find out what's happening with Bayonetta, Borderlands and Velvet Assasin. Also Afro Samuri, Destroy All Humans and RE5 Gold get some much needed love. Finally the guys give the PS3 Arc/ Xboxs' Natal some pub.

No PGR would be complete without some Mass Effect 2 love and we get specially interrupted by Vicious Lilly.

Are you not bothered by SPOILERS?

Then stick around as Soldier and Parris go 1-on-1 with a spoiler-filled segment on Mass Effect 2.

Thanks for listening and as always Soldier, Sugarfree and Ralph hope you enjoy the show.

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PGR 86 - Team Woot

Post Game Report - Episode 86: Team Woot

The Post Game Report returns for another week of laughs, shenanigans, and of course insightful discussion about video games. JVB, SugarFree, SoldierX01, Phoenix410 and HeroicSuperman turn on the mics to break down the latest and greatest topics. This week we breakdown Ubisoft's future including the delay of Splinter Cell: Conviction, break out the "Big Head" code in anticipation for NBA Jam on the Wii, run the zig-zag in response to Tecmo Super Bowl coming to XBLA and PSN and find out why HeroicSuperman hates Bayonetta. Team Woot is more than a revolution, it's a movement.

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PGR 85 - The Gizmondo Lives
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PGR 84.75 - The Epic Win: Commander Shepard Interview


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PGR 84.5 - The Epic Fail So a funny thing happened on our way to Episode 85. Someone had the bright idea to try to live stream the episode. Unfortunately somebody's hardware wasn't up to snuff and the experiment didn't exactly go as planned. Fortunately there was plenty of audio captured during the debacle and most of it wasn't half bad. SugarFree, SoldierX01 and a bunch of other members of the Talking About Games community host a virtual buffet of personalities during this off week. We will resume your regularly scheduled Post Game Report with Episode 85 next week.
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