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Post Game Report: Episode 73 - The Hostile Takeover

Post Game Report - Episode 73: The Hostile Takeover

Episode 73 of the Post Game Report has arrived. Let us rejoice. This week SugarFree is joined by the full crew of JVB, SoldierX25, Phoenix410 and Heroic Superman. And we have a lot to talk about this week. From increased excitement for the God of War 3 Demo coming to the PS3 to twitter's potential role on our gaming consoles. From the Forza 3 demo to our thoughts on Brutal Legend. Oh, and a little game called Halo 3: ODST came out, surely you're familiar with that one.

Plus, there's a lightning round consisting of the PS3 motion controller, Dead Rising 2, Crackdown 2 and more.

Don't forget to leave a review on iTunes one lucky winner will win a 120GB HDD for their Xbox360.

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Post Game Report Special Edition: Halo3 ODST Roundtable (Spoilers) HALO3 ODST RT
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Post Game Report: Episode 72 - Ultimate Alienation

Post Game Report Episode 72

Ultimate Alienation

Episode 72 brings a familiar voice with it along with a new one. Marc, Chris and Luis are joined by podcast great JVB and podcast N00B Heroic Superman. The group talks about Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Need for Speed: Shift, Wet and some news items of interest.

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Post Game Report: Episode 71 - The Last Son of Krypton Episode 71 of the Post Game Report is locked and loaded. Are you ready? We have a full house for this one. The regular crew of Phoenix410, SoldierX25 and SugarFree bring in RobbieJo from the Talking About Gamers Bullpen and officially welcome Heroic Superman as our 4th mic. There's lots to get to on this episode including another visit to the so-called "controversy" over Left 4 Dead 2, the finger-pointing over Kurt Cobain's appearance in Guitar Hero 5, the rebirth of Sonic the Hedgehog and Modern Warfare 2 and Mad Catz joining forces to purge your bank account. Don't worry, we don't stay on topic for long. There are plenty of tangents and quick asides for each and every listener this week, because we love you all.
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Post Game Report: Episode 70 "Form Like Voltron" Edition

Post Game Report - Episode 70: "Form Like Voltron" Edition

Members of the Talking About Games Podcast Community are combining powers to blast your RSS Feeds. SoldierX and SugarFree representing PGR, RobbieJo of TalkingAboutGamers and Parris of Uncle Gamer and the Remember When Podcasts unite under one flag for the greater good.

The beginning of the fall season of big-time releases is almost upon us. Parris gives us the goods on The Beatles Rock Band and Guitar Hero 5. The majority spend some time gushing over the latest Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer footage and only one of us isn't exactly exited over it. SugarFree discusses his joy over God of War HD Trophied Remix Edition. And the crew takes a look at the major bullet points from the Penny Arcade Expo. Oh, and we tanget. A lot.

Remember to leave feedback for us on Itunes, we will pick a random review and reward him or her with an almost new 120GB HDD for an xbox360.

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Post Game Report: Episode 69 Live From New York

Post Game Report - Episode 69: Live From New York

Episode 69 of the Post Game Report is ready to go. Live from Times Square in the City That Never Sleeps, JVB hosts a (literal) round table with SugarFree, Phoenix410, HeroicSuperman, tg1_eddie and Frawlz of Sarcastic Gamer. Bullet points from New York include the PS3's software lineup, Project Natal, and using utensils to make a point in a discussion. Of course we wouldn't have a complete episode of PGR without SoldierX25. He offers his thoughts on Lost - Season 4 and the game that everyone is playing: Batman: Arkham Asylum. Stay tuned to the end of the episode to find out about Soldier's contest for the Talking About Games Community.

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