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We don't break the news, but we do manage to break the news in a fun, and unpredictable way. The Post Game Report doesn't enjoy playing by the rules -- instead we create the rules.
The Post Game Report Episode 53 - Taste the Buttery Rainbow
This show started so good we decided to give it two intros. So join us and listen as Phoenix talks about his video game all nighter also Rburt's gaming lull will surely put the XtremeMvP to sleep...again. Soldier is reminded how much his jokes suck and Mankato talks about how the suffering global economy will shift old business and create new markets for third world countries. (Post Edit- Mankatomans audio was completely lost, ehhh no biggie.)
Our special guest is Jay of Uncle Gamer Radio and, and providing us with complete 360 security is the man known as JVB. It's all just a download away on The Post Game Report, Episode 53.
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Post Game Report Ep 52 - The Watcher
Great news wastelanders, with the help of the man from vault 101 we're able to bring you a great show this week. Join Phoenix, Rburt, SoldierX and special guest-host Mankatoman22 (Who also happens to be a normal host) as they discuss what makes a good RPG.
Also Phoenix gets into all-nighter mode, RBurt Eats Lead and Soldier is ready to Fallout and go to sleep....and our not so special guest Mankatoman22 leads us from being snowblind straight into The Pitt.
It's all coming at you (That's what she said) this week on the Post Game Report.
Thanks for listening children!
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Episode 51 - Xtreme Mass Effect
This week's show is so good we had to delay it a few days to make sure our ears weren't playing tricks on us.....and they weren't

Join the PGR crew and special guest Keem J. from Analog-Hype as we discuss Phoenix's clan the Xtremes, the Mass Effect game and listen closely as we find out how Rburt can win a Ps3! ---- Go Uncharted 2! ----- , also as usual Phoenix makes bets and immediately changes them and Soldier continues to amaze with his brilliance...
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