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We don't break the news, but we do manage to break the news in a fun, and unpredictable way. The Post Game Report doesn't enjoy playing by the rules -- instead we create the rules.
PGR 84 - Crystal Balls and Ouija Boards

Post Game Report- Episode 84: Crystal Balls and Ouija Boards

We made it to the end of 2009. Was it good for you? Before we drop the ball and welcome in a new decade SugarFree, Phoenix410, SoldierX01, HeroicSuperman and JVB take a look at the trailers shown at the Spike Video Game Awards. Thoughts are given on the sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum, Halo: Reach, Crackdown 2 and more. Additionally, SugarFree has compiled an extensive list of known releases for 2010. Splinter Cell: Conviction, God of War 3, MAG, Final Fantasy 13 (and 14), Mass Effect 2 and much, much more are discussed.

2009 has been fun, but everyone at the Post Game Report is excited for the New Year. However you decide to celebrate, do so safely and we'll see you in 2010.

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PGR 83 - GolfRat of The Year

Post Game Report - Episode 83: GolfRat of the Year

2009 is nearly gone, but there's still work to be done before welcoming in the New Year. First up is a look back. Join SugarFree, JVB, Phoenix410, HeroicSuperman, SoldierX01 (in spirit) and the Godfather Parris from UncleGamer Radio in a discussion of our personal highlights of 2009. Who picked Assassin's Creed 2? Who didn't pick Modern Warfare 2? Will JVB GolfRat KillZone 2? You'll have to listen to find out

GolfRat (v.) - To declare something the greatest, of all time, in the history of ever.

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PGR 82 - The Situation

Post Game Report - Episode 82: The Situation

The holiday season is rapidly approaching and the Post Game Report has a lovely present for you and yours to enjoy in front of the fireplace. JVB, SugarFree, SoldierX01, HeroicSuperman and frequent guest TG1_Eddie are joined by Paul from the Video Game Jocks to spread some joy into your ear buds. Among the discussion points this week are Modern Warfare 2 patches, Mirror's Edge on your iPhone, and gamers going gaga over Mega Man 10. Plus we spend a healthy amount of time talking about Dante's Inferno from the recently released Demo (which you should download) to the "Divine Edition" coming to the PlayStation 3 exclusively.

Also there is a special segment after the show devoted to the MTV sensation, Jersey Shore. It's an uncensored conversation, but this podcaster believes it is well worth your time.

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PGR 81 - When One Is Not Enough

Post Game Report Episode 81 - When One Is Not Enough

Ladies and germs welcome to the greatest podcast on earth, SoldierX is proud to present Phoenix and(with help from JVB) the Post Game Report. Join Phoenix, Heroic SuperEddie, JVB and SoldierX as they find a way to talk for a long time. Joined by Gamer's Husbands own Maverick aka Alfred aka GHR Maverick it's sure to be one for the books. This is by far our best episode, infact PGR has been offered a spot on XM radio. We turned them down to be with you.

We hope you enjoy our show. SugarFree will be back for Epsiode 82.

(no puppies were harmed during the taping of this show)

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Borderlands RT Post Game Report is proud to present the Borderlands Roundtable. Join Robbie, Forgetfool, Soldier, Sugrafree and special guest Deschain as they check to see if Borderland's credentials are good enough to cross into Game of The Year land.
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PGR 80 - Where's my T-Bird Jacket?

Episode 80 - Where's my T-Bird Jacket?

The season of big releases might be winding down but the Post Game Report is just getting started. SugarFree, JVB, Soldier, Phoenix410 and HeroicSuperman welcome CerebralShrike to the fun this week for all kinds of fun. This week the crew covers the Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta, the Bayonetta Demo, the God of War Collection, Left 4 Dead 2 and Assassin's Creed 2.

There's also a few news items, lots of laughs and then a lot more laughs after that.

Programming Note: Due to the Holiday, there will be no PGR next week. We'll put out the Borderlands Roundtable to fill the void.

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Post Game Report Special Edition: Modern Warefare 2 RT (part 2)

Presenting part 2 of the next episode in our Game of the Year Round Table Podcast Series, the Talking About Games Community discusses the highly anticipated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The podcasters you know and love and some additional members of the Talking About Games Community discuss the Campaign, Special Ops, Multiplayer and offer up final impressions.

Part 1 - Campaign, Special Ops.

Part 2. Multiplayer, Final Impressions.

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Post Game Report Special Edition: Modern Warefare 2 RT

Presenting the next episode in our Game of the Year Round Table Podcast Series, the Talking About Games Community discusses the highly anticipated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The podcasters you know and love and some additional members of the Talking About Games Community discuss the Campaign, Special Ops, Multiplayer and offer up final impressions.

Part 1 - Campaign, Special Ops.

Part 2. Multiplayer, Final Impressions.

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Post Game Report - Episode 79: Breaking the Street Date

Yes, there is a certain Dark Lord preparing to rise, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. SugarFree, JVB, SoldierX01 and HeroicSuperman are joined by Rob Workman (@theDCD) from the Gamers Garage to navigate the calm before the storm. This week the crew discusses the leaked screens of something claiming to be Halo: Reach, bathe in the bloodbath of the God of War 3 demo, and discuss the potential of the new Prince of Persia Movie. And yes, we do talk about Modern Warfare 2 a bit.

Along with the lightning round we have a brief appearance by The Mallet Man himself, Phoenix410.

Finally, we have a big announcement regarding the highly anticipated Modern Warfare 2 Round Table

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Post Game Report - Episode 78: The Power of Phoenix Compels You

Another week, another episode of the Post Game Report in your ears. This week SugarFree, JVB, SoldierX25 and HeroicSuperman joined forces to offer you 90 minutes of pandemonium.

Among the topics covered: Netflix on your PS3, God of War 3 bonus goodies, Bayonetta hype, and free DLC on the PS3.

HeroicSuperman tells us which avatar items excite him the most from the recent announcement of unlockable items coming from new releases this fall.

Soldier gives a breakdown of how awesome Halo Waypoint is.

And it's SugarFree's turn to step up to the balcony, apparently the announcement of the DSi XL did not please him. Not one bit.

If you don't like to laugh, you better prepare yourself for a lot of pain. Episode 78 delivers.

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Post Game Report: Episode 77: This One is for the Pilgrims

Post Game Report - Episode 77: This One is for the Pilgrims

Another episode of the Post Game Report is ready to go, did you miss us? This week SugarFree, JVB, SoldierX25 and HeroicSuperman have a lot to talk about. Lord Voldemort has shown his ugly side and gamers are not pleased with Infinity Ward's decision to remove dedicated servers from their highly anticipated sequel. Ratchet and Clank are back for another round of Dual-Shocky Goodness, find out which of the hosts will be picking this one up (and when). SugarFree gives his impressions on Uncharted 2, how much koolaid has he consumed? And of course, Borderlands is the one game everyone is talking about, we have a length discussion about the good, the great, and the potential longevity of this highly anticipated Role Playing Shooter. Oh, and something about JVB wearing a dress?

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Post Game Report: Episode 76 - The Nathan Station

Post Game Report - Episode 76: The Nathan Station

I can't think of a better way to start your work week than Episode 76 of the Post Game Report. Join SugarFree, JVB, SoldierX25 and HeroicSuperman on another epic journey through the latest in the video game industry. This week we discuss our favorite tracks on Lego Rock Band, discuss the upcoming demo availability schedule for Left 4 Dead 2, profess our love for Borderlands and of course Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. This week's lightning round consists of more Splinter Cell talk, pondering what color Wii-mote will be released next and the highly anticipated Spec-Ops mode from a game we cannot talk about.

Unfortunately you cannot be told how awesome Episode 76 is, you have to experience it for yourself. Enjoy.

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Post Game Report Special Edition: Uncharted 2 (Spoilers) Uncharted2 Special Round Table with JVB, Soldier, Golf-Rat, RobbieJo and hosted by none other then Phoenix!
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Post Game Report: Episode 75 - M.A.S.H. Unit

Post Game Report - Episode 75: The M.A.S.H Unit

Neither Swine Flu, Mallet Tours nor Launch Parties can hold back the Post Game Report. Episode 75 is coming at you with an impressive collective of voices to fill the void left by some unfortunate absences. SugarFree and JVB welcome VicJo from Talking About Gamers, TG1_Eddie from the TAG Community and our special guest, The Scarfinger. This week the new voices have plenty of opportunity to shine as we discuss the latest campaign trailer from a game we're not allowed to talk about, the latest announcements about Left 4 Dead 2, future DLC for Forza 3 and have a lively discussion about all things Uncharted 2.

"Man Tips", tangents, and a couple special segments from some familiar voices await you this week. Enjoy.

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Post Game Report: Episode 74 - The Bacon Waffle

Post Game Report - Episode 74: The Bacon Waffle

Episode 74 of the Post Game Report has navigated the information superhighway to your speakers. This week SugarFree, JVB, SoldierX25, and Heroic Superman are joined by PGR Hall of Famer, Finster. Join us as we continue the conversation revolving around social media in our video games in light of the Uncharted 2 Twitter patch. Each of us contemplate the possibility of owning the newly released PSPGo, price point and all. Soldier unveils his master plan for Sony (mustache twirl not included). And because PC gamers are people too, we participate in a thoughtful discussion on the possibility of The Old Republic assuming the title of "WoW Killer", assuming such a beast exists.

Laughter is contagious on this episode of the Post Game Report.

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Post Game Report: Episode 73 - The Hostile Takeover

Post Game Report - Episode 73: The Hostile Takeover

Episode 73 of the Post Game Report has arrived. Let us rejoice. This week SugarFree is joined by the full crew of JVB, SoldierX25, Phoenix410 and Heroic Superman. And we have a lot to talk about this week. From increased excitement for the God of War 3 Demo coming to the PS3 to twitter's potential role on our gaming consoles. From the Forza 3 demo to our thoughts on Brutal Legend. Oh, and a little game called Halo 3: ODST came out, surely you're familiar with that one.

Plus, there's a lightning round consisting of the PS3 motion controller, Dead Rising 2, Crackdown 2 and more.

Don't forget to leave a review on iTunes one lucky winner will win a 120GB HDD for their Xbox360.

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Post Game Report Special Edition: Halo3 ODST Roundtable (Spoilers) HALO3 ODST RT
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Post Game Report: Episode 72 - Ultimate Alienation

Post Game Report Episode 72

Ultimate Alienation

Episode 72 brings a familiar voice with it along with a new one. Marc, Chris and Luis are joined by podcast great JVB and podcast N00B Heroic Superman. The group talks about Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Need for Speed: Shift, Wet and some news items of interest.

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Post Game Report: Episode 71 - The Last Son of Krypton Episode 71 of the Post Game Report is locked and loaded. Are you ready? We have a full house for this one. The regular crew of Phoenix410, SoldierX25 and SugarFree bring in RobbieJo from the Talking About Gamers Bullpen and officially welcome Heroic Superman as our 4th mic. There's lots to get to on this episode including another visit to the so-called "controversy" over Left 4 Dead 2, the finger-pointing over Kurt Cobain's appearance in Guitar Hero 5, the rebirth of Sonic the Hedgehog and Modern Warfare 2 and Mad Catz joining forces to purge your bank account. Don't worry, we don't stay on topic for long. There are plenty of tangents and quick asides for each and every listener this week, because we love you all.
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Post Game Report: Episode 70 "Form Like Voltron" Edition

Post Game Report - Episode 70: "Form Like Voltron" Edition

Members of the Talking About Games Podcast Community are combining powers to blast your RSS Feeds. SoldierX and SugarFree representing PGR, RobbieJo of TalkingAboutGamers and Parris of Uncle Gamer and the Remember When Podcasts unite under one flag for the greater good.

The beginning of the fall season of big-time releases is almost upon us. Parris gives us the goods on The Beatles Rock Band and Guitar Hero 5. The majority spend some time gushing over the latest Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer footage and only one of us isn't exactly exited over it. SugarFree discusses his joy over God of War HD Trophied Remix Edition. And the crew takes a look at the major bullet points from the Penny Arcade Expo. Oh, and we tanget. A lot.

Remember to leave feedback for us on Itunes, we will pick a random review and reward him or her with an almost new 120GB HDD for an xbox360.

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Post Game Report: Episode 69 Live From New York

Post Game Report - Episode 69: Live From New York

Episode 69 of the Post Game Report is ready to go. Live from Times Square in the City That Never Sleeps, JVB hosts a (literal) round table with SugarFree, Phoenix410, HeroicSuperman, tg1_eddie and Frawlz of Sarcastic Gamer. Bullet points from New York include the PS3's software lineup, Project Natal, and using utensils to make a point in a discussion. Of course we wouldn't have a complete episode of PGR without SoldierX25. He offers his thoughts on Lost - Season 4 and the game that everyone is playing: Batman: Arkham Asylum. Stay tuned to the end of the episode to find out about Soldier's contest for the Talking About Games Community.

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Post Game Report: Episode 68 The 299lb Gorilla SugarFree gets the keys to the Pinto this week with Phoenix and Soldier riding shotgun and we picked up the Godfather himself, Parris to help us navigate the latest from the wonderful world of video games. Fable 3 has been announced, will Parris be there Day 1? Shadow Complex is a critical success but only one member of the PGR crew is a fan of this game. Where does District 9 rank among Parris' all-time Science Fiction movies? All of these questions are answered and we still have plenty of time to take an objective look at the big moves made by Sony regarding the PS3 Slim as well as a broader look at the future of the industry. And what podcast with Parris would be complete without a tangent to Lost?
Direct download: PGR68_23-Aug-2009_mp3.mp3
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Post Game Report: Episode 67 From A to Zeta JVB is late, SoldierX is an entrepreneur, and SugarFree loves Cortana. Out of context that makes no sense, but after listening to Episode 67 of the Post Game Report, you will find enlightenment. This week we are joined by RobbieJo of TalkingAboutGamers fame. Join us for an in-depth discussion of all things Fallout 3 including impressions of Mothership Zeta. If you haven't been paying attention, Soldier loves him some Fallout 3. We discuss the potential of the Activision Boycott that has caught the eyes and ears of gamers around the world. JVB brings a whiteboard up to the balcony this week to break down the X's and O's of Madden '10. Also, SugarFree attempts to justify spending $20 on a single item during our discussion about the Xbox Avatar Marketplace.
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Post Game Report: Episode 66 The Prenuptial Agreement

Post Game Report - Episode 66: The Prenuptial Agreement

Cozy up with that special someone as Phoenix410, SoldierX25, SugarFree are joined by Mr and Mrs LeftyBrown, The Married Gamers on Episode 66 of the Post Game Report. Believe it or not, when we aren't waving mallets at each other we also play video games. To celebrate this novelty we share our impressions of TMNT: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled and attempt to justify why this game was a waste of money. Soldier reminds us why Batman: Arkham Asylum was his game of E3 and why each of you should be playing the newly released demo. We follow the breadcrumbs to the PS3 Slim that everyone believes is coming to discuss how this inevitability will impact Sony's bottom line. There is also a rather lively discussion about GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

No animals were harmed in the recording of this podcast. But we can't say the same for childhood memories of Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes.

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Post Game Report: Episode 65 Fear the Mallet Man Post Game Report - Episode 65: Fear the Mallet Man

Episode 65 of the Post Game Report is ready to stimulate your eardrums as Phoenix410, SoldierX25, SugarFree and the soothing laughter of JVB are reunited after weeks apart. This week we discuss the immediate price drop of TMNT: Turtles in Time, the Gears of War 2: Dark Corners expansion for Xbox 360, lawsuits against the NCAA, and Paramount's decision to make Blu-ray the paramount physical media format in your home. We also dust off the seats in the balcony to talk about the state of the Madden Franchise.

Also, be sure to rate us on iTunes and the Zune Marketplace.

PS. JVB expects to have internet really soon, we promise. For now you'll have to settle for less than stellar audio quality on his end. Our apologies
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Post Game Report: Episode 64 Original PGR

Post Game Report Episode 64.

On this very special show we got RobbiJo as a guest cohost to sit next to Phoenix and SoldierX as they met with a familiar face, or voice.

That's right joining us this week is RBURT!

Yeah he's a little rusty but he can still come after Phoenix with the best of them.

SugarFree and JVB will be back soon so for now enjoy the Post Game Report Episode 64.

PS. Vic Joh from the Talkingaboutgamers Podcast does a very special interview with Soldier at the end needless to say it's very patriotic

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Post Game Report: Episode 63 The Three Spice Amigos

Presenting The Post Game Report, Episode 63 - The Three Amigos AKA, Sugar (SugarFree), Spice (Phoenix) and Chemical Agent SoldierX
No guest this week with JVB still in transit to the bright lights of New York.

This week we discuss the Prestige Edition of Modern Warfare 2, NCAA 10 shortcuts and the value of achievements, race in video games and more. There are also multiple trips up to the Press Box along with some expected (and welcome) tangents.

Also, someone might be dining on some humble pie come August 7th.

Here's a link to the Houston Chronicle Post we referenced in our discussion -

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The Post Game Report: Episode 62 Presenting The Post Uncle Gamer Husbands Radio Report.

Phoenix410, Soldier X25 and SugarFree are joined by Parris from UncleGamer, and Alfred of GamerHusbands Radio fame to form like Voltron and talk about Modern Warfare 2 (with or without Call of Duty attached), Fight Night Round 4, Steve McNair, and offer up a final thought from the balcony about Michael Jackson.

Each co-host also participates in JVB Idol. Who can impersonate him best? Find out in Episode 62 of the Post Game Report.
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The Post Game Report: Episode 62 Presenting The Post Uncle Gamer Husbands Radio Report.

Phoenix410, Soldier X25 and SugarFree are joined by Parris from UncleGamer, and Alfred of GamerHusbands Radio fame to form like Voltron and talk about Modern Warfare 2 (with or without Call of Duty attached), Fight Night Round 4, Steve McNair, and offer up a final thought from the balcony about Michael Jackson.

Each co-host also participates in JVB Idol. Who can impersonate him best? Find out in Episode 62 of the Post Game Report.
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The Post Game Report: Episode 61 During this episode of the Post Game Report, Larry, editor in chief of join host JVB, Soldier X25, Pheonix410, and Sugarfree to talk

Another point of interest you might enjoy, is the conversation about the many review scoring systems, and gamers who complain way too much.

And also find out what kind of video Larry and Soldier did together during this years E3.

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The Post Game Report: Episode 60

The host of the Post Game Report have the honor of being joined by Cooperative Peon, from the Talking About Games forums.

This episode is very unpredictable and entertaining. Conversations jump from Beyonce to Fight Night 4 for the Xbox 360.

From The Balcony: Analyze This!

With all the talk about video game analyst, JVB decides to talk about the impact an analyst can potentially have on the gaming industry.

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The Post Game Report: Episode 59 This week, the Post Game Report team is joined by a special community guest: Big Ant, writer and podcast host for SFX360.

This time around, we discuss our impressions of the recent movie release of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. We also spend some time talking about The Conduit, the recent FPS released by SEGA on the Nintendo Wii.

We also take some time to touch on the new money cow in the industry known as the "Zombie Game." And while we're in front of the mic, we have to speak on the recent death of Michael Jackson.

Music provided by Micheal Jackson and Front 242

Direct download: Episode59.mp3
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PGR Episode 58 - Show of the Year Here it is, our Sistine Chapel, our Mona Lisa our Megan Fox. It's the show we have been dreaming about since we were little kids since we first found out that Uncle Gamer was not really our uncle.

Ladies and gentlemen... Well mostly gentlemen may we present Episode 58 of the Post Game Report, with Jvb, Phoenix, Soldier, Sugarfree and our special community guest Rob Workman from the Gamers Garage.

Warning: The end of episode 58 contains lots of laughter and banter, which may cause you to laugh out loud, or LOL!
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Post Game Report Episode 57 - The Three Hour Tour
Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of an awesome trip that started at the Los Angeles Convention Center and on the floor was a mighty event.
E3 has just finished and the exitement has not left us yet. On this episode we talk about all three of the major conferences to include Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony. We're also joined by two special guests, first by Lono from the Respawn Radio Podcast and then awesome writer TinPanAlley from Thumbs up or thumbs down you don't want to miss this one!
Direct download: ep57.mp3
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Post Game Report Special - Podcast Roundtable. Join Soldier, Phoenix, JVB and Parris as they discuss chemistry within a Podcast Team. Also Soldier announces the final countdown of the members we chose to be in the running to be America's next top model....errrrr, Podcatser.

It is still not too late to apply. For info on how to apply check out the front page under Podcast in the PGR section.

If your name wasn't mentioned during the show do not worry you will get your shot we just read off the first list of names that will get a crack at cracking on Phoenix.

Thanks for your support and all the great reviews on Itunes. PGR is nothing without the community.
Direct download: PGR_Special_Update_-_The_Co-Host_Job.mp3
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PGR Episode 56 - The Never Ending Podcast
This week's show is finally here and let me tell you it's the best one yet. It's so good it has over 1,000,000 pre-orders at Gamestop so, First we find out what Gamer Interface is. Second, Soldier finds out what Gamer Interface is and finally Rburt talks about his Chuck Norris fetish.
We have 2 extra segments this week one with Phoenix and a very special 1-on-1 interview with Shayward23 from the forums It's all here on The Post Game Report.
Direct download: 56.mp3
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The Post Game Report: Pre-E3 Roundtable. This is a very special Pre-E3 Roundtable discussion, that is full of predictions and intense debates.

You do not want to miss this one.

Also, don't alarmed, your normal episode of the Post Game Report will be available this Friday.
Direct download: roundtable.mp3
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Post Game Report Episode 55 - The Parenting Show
Ladies and gentlemen, mostly gentlemen, JVB is proud to present the Post Game Report recorded live before no studio audience about a week ago!
This week our special guest is Midnight Hawkeye from the TAG forums. In this very special episode we find out more about the Wolverine the movie and the game. Soldier also tells you why you should never let your dog tags dangle outside your shirt and Rburt tells all why he can't eat and game at the same time in his own very provocative way.
One of our community members (Wolf) has created his very own L4D Survivor Mode leaderboards thread, Do you have what it takes to be #1?
We also talk about Phoenix, Dead Rising 2 and Call of Duty :Vietnam. It's what's happening this week, Dynomite!
Direct download: Episode55Final.mp3
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The Post Game Report: Episode 54
This week Phoenix phones it in...literally.  The crew is joined by BlackHeli from the TAG forums.  Phoenix gets reminiscent of the TAG All Nighter.  The votes are in on the new Left 4 Dead DLC along with the question of why do YOU buy DLC?  Guitar Hero: Metalica is discussed along with music games in general.  Soldier brings up the topic of achievements and if they should be regulated.  BlackHeli wants to know if there should be achievements for multiplayer game modes.
Oh... and Soldier still thinks a new Xbox will be announced by Microsoft at E3.
Direct download: PGR_Episode_54.mp3
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The Post Game Report Episode 53 - Taste the Buttery Rainbow
This show started so good we decided to give it two intros. So join us and listen as Phoenix talks about his video game all nighter also Rburt's gaming lull will surely put the XtremeMvP to sleep...again. Soldier is reminded how much his jokes suck and Mankato talks about how the suffering global economy will shift old business and create new markets for third world countries. (Post Edit- Mankatomans audio was completely lost, ehhh no biggie.)
Our special guest is Jay of Uncle Gamer Radio and, and providing us with complete 360 security is the man known as JVB. It's all just a download away on The Post Game Report, Episode 53.
Direct download: EP53.mp3
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Post Game Report Ep 52 - The Watcher
Great news wastelanders, with the help of the man from vault 101 we're able to bring you a great show this week. Join Phoenix, Rburt, SoldierX and special guest-host Mankatoman22 (Who also happens to be a normal host) as they discuss what makes a good RPG.
Also Phoenix gets into all-nighter mode, RBurt Eats Lead and Soldier is ready to Fallout and go to sleep....and our not so special guest Mankatoman22 leads us from being snowblind straight into The Pitt.
It's all coming at you (That's what she said) this week on the Post Game Report.
Thanks for listening children!
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Episode 51 - Xtreme Mass Effect
This week's show is so good we had to delay it a few days to make sure our ears weren't playing tricks on us.....and they weren't

Join the PGR crew and special guest Keem J. from Analog-Hype as we discuss Phoenix's clan the Xtremes, the Mass Effect game and listen closely as we find out how Rburt can win a Ps3! ---- Go Uncharted 2! ----- , also as usual Phoenix makes bets and immediately changes them and Soldier continues to amaze with his brilliance...
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The Post Game Report: Episode 50

The Post Game Report turns 50.

Joining the crew for this historical episode is Parris and JVB.

They discuss, podcasting, Killzone 2, Halo 3, and The history of the Post Game Report.

Direct download: EP50.mp3
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PGR Podcast Episode 48- The Phantom Junkie
This week's show is so good it has already been recognized for it's greatness by the Smithsonian and a copy of this week's episode is on display at the museum so....
Join the ranks of the PGR crew this week to find out the new way RBurt is watching the Birdcage. Meanwhile Phoenix talks about how he cheats at Madden and how he thinks MS will turn his 360 into a router. Soldier X smacks inverted player's with a salmon and gives his MS E3 predictions and Mankato agrees.
Our special guest this week is Nelson and he tells us everything from the release of the new Xbox to MS E3 lineup...(unfortunately due to technical problems those portions of the audio were lost) Nelson also touches on Achievement Junkie, working at Microsoft and his love for PGR.
Make sure to leave us feedback on Itunes we appreciate your time and have a great gaming week.
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The Post Game Report: Kill Zone 2 The Post Game Report is back with an entertaining round-table discussion about Kill Zone 2, for the Playstation 3.

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Post Game Report Episode 47 - Awol O.K. last week's show was really not that good...compared to Episode 47 that is! We get the latest from Godfree and PeteRoc about Community Vibes 4, Phoenix describes his first experience with JVB and the bucket of butter. While Soldier and Mankato just shoot the shizzle while one of the show's host is absent without leave.
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The Post Game Report: Community Vibes IV The Post Game Report took part in Gamertag Radio's Community Vibes IV. Listen as Phoenix and JVB talk with community members from all over the U.S.
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Post Game Report: Episode 46 - Dinner with Phoenix
Join the crew as we find out why RBurt straight up disses the "cover system" and ask's you about video game commercialization. Also Mankato confesses he's too scared to buy F.E.A.R. 2, while Soldier decides he want's to pay for avatar item's. Phoenix need's to eat and we are joined by a very special forum member, TinPanAlley. It's all playing this week on the Post Game Report episode 46.
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Pre Game: Episode 3
Get the rundown of all the game nights for the week of February 16-22.
Get cought up with the news from the TAG Madden League.
Want to know who needs people to play their new games with? Take a listen!
*This weeks music is from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare*
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The Post Game Report: Episode 45
The Post Game Report is back with Episode 45 and it's the best show yet!
Join Rburt, Pheonix and Soldier X as they tackle the easy issues and ignore the tough one's.

Our very special community guest host is: Godfree from

You can let the gang know how you feel by leaving a review on iTunes and remember Pheonix was born that way.
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The Post Game Report: Episode 44 This week the crew addresses GamerTag Radio, discuss the PS3 and Resident Evil 5 demo with community guest Vicj.
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The Pre Game Lobby: Episode 2 The Pre Game Lobby is back with a recap of last weeks Game Nights.
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The Post Game Report: Episode 43
The PGR crew is finally back!  There are two new voices, Soldierx25 and Mankatoman22 from the forums.
This week the crew talks about the Microsoft Layoffs, What is needed for Digital Distribution to take hold for games, and the Community Guest host Biohazard92 has a Left 4 Dead cheat tip for those craving the Achievement Zombie Genosidest.
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Pre Game Lobby The Pre Game Lobby is back with Rburt and Mankato Man, and they have a lot to say about the future of the Talking About Games Community.

They also update you on all of the latest Game Nights that is scheduled for your gaming pleasure.
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