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The Post Game Report: Lester Speight The Post Game Report is proud to bring an exclusive interview with the voice behind the very famous Gears Of War character, Augustus Cole. Lester Speight took time from his busy schedule to sit down with the crew to talk about Terry Tate: Office Linebacker, his hopes for Augustus Cole in Gears Of War 3, and a MAJOR announcement, that you can hear on the Post Game Report, first.

Also, Pheonix410, Soldier X25, and JVB talk about Sony's HOME, and the future of the video game community.

As always, make sure to visit to listen to all of the latest episodes of the Post Game Report.
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The Post Game Report: Big Update. Here is a special update about whats to come for the next episode of the Post Game Report.

PS: Listen to Phoenix cry.
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The Post Game Report: Episode 40 This week on the Post Game Report, the host give you their thoughts on the Playstation HOME, Dark Knight, and much more.

Joining them as a special guest host is MTS.

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The Post Game Report interviews Carlos Ferro, the voice of Dom Santiago from Epics mega-hit: Gears Of War.
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