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We don't break the news, but we do manage to break the news in a fun, and unpredictable way. The Post Game Report doesn't enjoy playing by the rules -- instead we create the rules.
The Post Game Report: Update Show This week's Update...

 *   PS3 Sundays??? Are there people that will show up?
 *   The Cat is out of the bag on the announcment RBurt hinted to. Tanzein fills us in.
 *   A message for current game night hosts and hosts to be.

Remember if you want your game night to be mentioned in the show, just make sure you have your forum post for your game night up before Saturday for the new week.
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The Post Game Report: Episode 24 A long-time member of the UncleGamer community, Kawarus_Lover (pronounced Ka-wah-roo's), visits The Post Game Report as they discuss Jack Bauer, the future of gaming accessories, and the girl that changed the internet forever.
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This week's show is a short that a good thing?

 *   RBurt and Tanzein talk about the great game nights on three platforms, who is missing?
 *   Shout outs to the rookies.
 *   We need more help!!!
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The Post Game Report: Episode 23 This week on PGR:

Finster, Rburt, and Phoenix are joined by General of the TAG forums, and they join their voices to the Adam Sessler Xbox Live rant. Listen in and find out whether Phoenix was able to convince Finster and Rburt to buy a PS3.
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The Post Game Report: Game Night Rundown This week on the Game Night Rundown Tanzein and RBurt ask the tough questions.

Where are the games for the Wii and PS3?

What is the Steam interface like for Friends Lists?

Is anyone listening?
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The Post Game Report: Episode 22 Finster and Rburt discuss the TAG question of the week with Mankatoman22.

The TAG community also discusses games they'd like to see canceled and the age old question: Are video games art?
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The Post Game Report: Episode 21 The PGR crew welcome Garwalker and discuss their dream games.

They also delve into Itagaki's spat with Tecmo, and reminisce about their most favorite titles and game accessories of all time.

Also, remember to send voicemail answers to our new Question of the Week!
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