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The Post Game Report: GTA IV Round Table. This is a special round-table discussion on the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto IV video game.

JVB, Rburt, Tanzein, and Phoenix410 talk about:

* Release day memories.
* Visuals
* Game-play
* Multi-player
* Future expectations

There isn't much editing in this episode because we wanted to get this out quickly.

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The Post Game Report: Episode 15 Episode 15 of The Post Game Report is here with lots of goodies for your listening pleasure.

Join the trio of Finster, Miss Tique, and Rburt, as they are joined by a very special guest: DJ Sketch, who is a sibling of one of the host, and really has a lot to say about Grand Theft Auto 4.

Find out whats going on in the video game community and what people are talking about in the forums.

Leave a voice message at 206-666-2041 and leave a review about the show on iTunes.

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The Post Game Report: Episode 14 Here is the 14th episode of The Post Game Report, for you listening pleasure.

Finster, Miss Tique, and Rburt are joined by iFester, from the Talking About Games community forums.

They talk about:

*The latest events that are going on within the video game community.

*Contest galore.

*Game nights for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

You can let the gang know how you feel by calling 206-666-2041, by email or by visiting
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The Post Game Report: Episode 13 This week the crew: Finster, Miss Tique, and rburt are joined by the Playstation 3 Gamenight Coordinator, Phoenix410. They talk about all of the latest gaming news and community activity's.

As always, they cover all of the front page news, forums threads, and game nights.

Don't forget to leave your feedback at: 206-666-2041 and review the show on iTunes.

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The Post Game Report: Episode 12 This weekend I attended a Guitar Heroes 3 charity event, which was sponsored by Red Octane, Gamer Tag Radio, SFX 360 Meet-up Group, and Team in Training, in Fort Lauderdale Florida. The event was made to help raise money for the fight against Leukemia and Lymphoma.

I had a chance to interview Jacky Clayton, who coordinated the whole thing, about this exciting event.

Don't forget about our listener voice mail: 206-666-2041
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The Post Game Report: The Big Change. The Post Game Report will now go to a monthly format because of time constraints. From now on, the show will be available for your listening pleasure during the last week of each month. This show is the exception, because of the announcement.

Speaking of announcements, we're excited about our new Goozex campaign coming up April 7th.

Call and leave your comments at 206-666-2041
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