Post Game Report
We don't break the news, but we do manage to break the news in a fun, and unpredictable way. The Post Game Report doesn't enjoy playing by the rules -- instead we create the rules.
The Post Game Report: Lester Speight The Post Game Report is proud to bring an exclusive interview with the voice behind the very famous Gears Of War character, Augustus Cole. Lester Speight took time from his busy schedule to sit down with the crew to talk about Terry Tate: Office Linebacker, his hopes for Augustus Cole in Gears Of War 3, and a MAJOR announcement, that you can hear on the Post Game Report, first.

Also, Pheonix410, Soldier X25, and JVB talk about Sony's HOME, and the future of the video game community.

As always, make sure to visit to listen to all of the latest episodes of the Post Game Report.
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The Post Game Report: Big Update. Here is a special update about whats to come for the next episode of the Post Game Report.

PS: Listen to Phoenix cry.
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The Post Game Report: Episode 40 This week on the Post Game Report, the host give you their thoughts on the Playstation HOME, Dark Knight, and much more.

Joining them as a special guest host is MTS.

Make sure to check out for the latest video game news, reviews, and prizes.
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The Post Game Report interviews Carlos Ferro, the voice of Dom Santiago from Epics mega-hit: Gears Of War.
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The Post Game Report: Holiday Message The Post Game Report Wishes you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.
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Little Jacob Invades The Post Game Report. The Post Game Report is proud to bring you a very special interview with Coolie Ranx, better known as Little Jacob from Grand Theft Auto 4.

Listen as he tells us

-How he got the role of Little Jacob

-His reaction to seeing his character in the game.

-What he has planned for the future

This episode is full of awesome content so don't miss it!!!
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The Post Game Report: Episode 39 The Post Game Report is back with episode 39 and is fill to the rim with Brim.

This week we have tons of impressions about Gears Of War 2, and Resistance 2.

Biohazard92 sends in some of his own audio about his experience during the Gears Of War 2 launch event.

Our discussion about Fable 2 and Fallout 3 continues and this time things heat up.

Our very special community guest host is: Chaotic Shade.

Music was provided by forum member: Placenta, and his band SINGINE.

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Episode 39 Preview Here is what you can expect on the next episode of the Post Game Report.
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The Post Game Report: Episode 38 The Post Game Report crew has more to say about some of the biggest games of this holiday season.

JVB: He has a BIG beef with Fallout 3 and is thinking of trading the back!

Rburt: What does he think about Cliffy Ball-what?

Phoenix: Will give us his early impression of Gears Of War 2

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Post Game Report Preview. A preview of whats to come on the next episode of the Post Game Report, by Phoenix.
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The Post Game Report: Episode 37?

The long awaited episode is finally out, but you might wonder where did episode 36 go? Since we had so much trouble with 36, I decided to can it and go to the next in line.

In this episode you will be treated to a highly intense and passionate discussion about three of the latest games to hit the gaming world:

SOCOM: Confrontation

Fable 2

Fallout 3

You don't want to miss it.

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The Post Game Report Pre-Episode Chatter A message from your friends on the Post Game Report.
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The Post Game Report: Episode 35 This week the Post Game Report is missing one of the host: Finster, who is taking some time off to relax and enjoy some free time with his family.

So what does the rest of the staff have to say about today's video game's and community activity? You'll just have to listen to the show to find out.
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The Post Game Report: Episode 34 Though tardy, the Post Game Report is back with another great show. Joining Phoenix, Rburt, and JVB is none other than Parris, from Uncle Gamer Radio who filled in for Finster.

Our special community guest is Moose, who has lots to say about the tactics used by one of the host during game-nights.

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The Post Game Report: Episode 33 Episode 33 is here with content galore that you will enjoy listening to. Here is the rundown of what you will find on The Post Game Report:

Our community guest host is Soldier X25, who tells us his secret about his massive gamerscore.

The Forum Frenzy is in full effect with topics created by the community. This week Finster and JVB took turns picking two very interesting threads who were authored by JoeSetsFire and Distraub.

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The Post Game Report: Episode 32 What does episode 32 of the Post Game Report have for you? Well, for starters we have Bloody Polar Bear as a special community guest host.

The future of gaming? Phil101 brought this topic up at the forums and the fearsome foursome had plenty to say about that thread.

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The Post Game Report: Episode 31 JVB, Finster, Rburt, and Phoenix are joined by AmishPriest from the forums. The PGR crew interviews AmishPriest before turning the tables on Finster and Phoenix and interview THEM about PAX.
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Finster and Phoenix wrap up Day 2 of PAX will all sorts of community members, including, but not limited to: ant from GTR, Frank from Xcast, our very own Jay, AntonB, and TyGuy22.

They discuss more of what happened at PAX and share war stories from PAX show floor.
Direct download: PGR_PAX_4.mp3
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Phoenix and Finster break down Day 1 of PAX with forum members CooperativePeon and TyGuy22. Also, Phoenix is totally drunk, because hey, it's his birthday.

Gears 2, Fallout 3, and Ken Levine are discussed, and Finster goes off about Warhammer Online.
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PGR Pre-PAX Update 2 Finster and Phoenix sit down with Anton B, Godfree, and Peterocc from GamerTagRadio. They discuss the awesomeness that was the Ooopy and Kiki Pre-PAX Party and all things PAX, at the conclusion of Day 0.
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Phoenix and Finster talk with Anton B and CooperativePeon about what they can't wait to get their hands on at PAX08.
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PGR Game Lobby: Episode 13 The Contest is over.  Congrats to CV Insanity who won the Name the Show Contest.
We are now the PGR Game Lobby.

This week the boys talk about...

Game Nights for the 360...suprise, suprise.
We want you to give the recap of the game nights....206-666-2041
We need ideas for a new segment...Let them fly
Rburt and Tanzien talk one another
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The Post Game Report: Episode 30 The Post Game Report is back with an extra long offering, with a run time of nearly 2 hours.

Joining us as our Special Community Host: Parris, from the Uncle Gamer podcast.

Rburt, Parris and I talk about issues with the gaming community, Madden 09, and give the Playstation 3 some much needed attention.

We also congratulated Soldier X25 for being featured on's Gamer Spotlight.
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Post Game Report:The Game Night Show Episode 10 The guys are back this week...both of them.

They talk about...

 *   A contest for a new name for the show
 *   NCAA Dynesty...Want In!!!
 *   Soul Calibur IV Tourney...Who wants in???
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The Post Game Report: Episode 29 Due to technical issues this weeks episode was cut short. The second half of the show had a lot of great content and I regretted having to cut that portion out.

But, we still have a great episode for you guys to listen to. We cover the new Madden 09 demo and give our opinion about the whole Ghost Buster game fiasco.

Robert from Minneapolis sent us a great voice mail this week. Listen to what he has to say.

Congratulations to our Bourne Conspiracy game winners: Leon and Casper 663.

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The Post Game Report: Episode 28 This week, Finster and Phoenix "talk about games" with vicjoh and guest co-host, Lono from the podcast.

Was E3 lackluster? Everyone sounds off on the new question of the week before turning to the subject of the Too Human Demo. Lono clues everyone in on why Too Human is underrated.
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The Post Game Report: E3 Edition. The Post Game Report comes to you a little early because we have a lot to say about this years E3. This episode is longer then usual, but is filled with lots of opinions and useful information.

And don't forget to visit for up-to-the-minute updates from E3.

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Post Game Report: Episode 26
The Post Game Report bring you more forum talk and gaming news from the community.

This weeks forum topics were created by:

* The SavageBag for his question: What's your favorite game ending.

* iFester for his named: Firmware 2.41 Now Live

- JVB has an issue with the upcoming Too Human demo.

- Listen as the tension between Finster and Phoenix increase because of a certain super hero movie.
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The Post Game Report: Episode 25 *This week the Post Game Report crew is joined by a familiar voice: JVB, who has an announcement to make about the future of The Post Game Report.

*This weeks special guest is Mr Madman, a loyal Achievement Junkie listener who lurks the Talking About Games forums.

*Tanzein makes an appearance, listen to find out why.

*With the 2.40 update for the Playstation 3 available, can Sony make a legitimate run at Xbox Live?

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The Post Game Report: Update Show This week's Update...

 *   PS3 Sundays??? Are there people that will show up?
 *   The Cat is out of the bag on the announcment RBurt hinted to. Tanzein fills us in.
 *   A message for current game night hosts and hosts to be.

Remember if you want your game night to be mentioned in the show, just make sure you have your forum post for your game night up before Saturday for the new week.
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The Post Game Report: Episode 24 A long-time member of the UncleGamer community, Kawarus_Lover (pronounced Ka-wah-roo's), visits The Post Game Report as they discuss Jack Bauer, the future of gaming accessories, and the girl that changed the internet forever.
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This week's show is a short that a good thing?

 *   RBurt and Tanzein talk about the great game nights on three platforms, who is missing?
 *   Shout outs to the rookies.
 *   We need more help!!!
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The Post Game Report: Episode 23 This week on PGR:

Finster, Rburt, and Phoenix are joined by General of the TAG forums, and they join their voices to the Adam Sessler Xbox Live rant. Listen in and find out whether Phoenix was able to convince Finster and Rburt to buy a PS3.
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The Post Game Report: Game Night Rundown This week on the Game Night Rundown Tanzein and RBurt ask the tough questions.

Where are the games for the Wii and PS3?

What is the Steam interface like for Friends Lists?

Is anyone listening?
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The Post Game Report: Episode 22 Finster and Rburt discuss the TAG question of the week with Mankatoman22.

The TAG community also discusses games they'd like to see canceled and the age old question: Are video games art?
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The Post Game Report: Episode 21 The PGR crew welcome Garwalker and discuss their dream games.

They also delve into Itagaki's spat with Tecmo, and reminisce about their most favorite titles and game accessories of all time.

Also, remember to send voicemail answers to our new Question of the Week!
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The Post Game Report: Episode 20 This weeks guests are mts78 and Phoenix410.

This week...

 *The PS3 has tow forum members come to it's rescue.

 *Is World of Warcraft in RBurt's future?

 *Finster and RBurt talk about a review on iTunes.

 *Consoles and the environment???
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Game Night Rundown #2 This week RBurt and Tazein get into the real meat and potatoes of the show.

They talk about...

 *This weeks up coming game nights...THERE ARE SO MANY!

 *They recap a little of the game nights they participated in.

 *They also gave some shout-outs to those new to the game nights!

  *They still need help of some organized people to get some more game nights going.

That could be you!
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The Post Game Report: Episode 19 The Post Game Report is back with a lot of Playstation 3 talk. What did Finster and Rburt have to say about it? Click the download button to find out.

They also have the privilege of having Biohazard92 as their special guest. Hear him tell us a little bit about himself and love for Cold Fear.

As always, they talks about the latest threads in the Talking About Games forums, which is always full of great content.

Don't forget to check out the other shows from the Gamercast Network at
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The Post Game Report Update Show: Game Nights 1 PGR Weekly Rundown #1.

RBurt and Tanzein talk about why the mini-show was created.
They give you the rundown for this weeks game nights for all the platforms.
They also reminisce about last weeks game nights and let you all know what you are missing out on.

Want your game night in the show or need help setting up a game night?  Just Private Message Tanzein or RBurt on the forums or email RBurt at<>

See you all online!
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The Post Game Report: Episode 18 This weeks show the crew is joined by special guest Miz Calamity from

This week they discuss...

Rburt makes an announcement on how the PGR crew plan on bringing the TAG Community together even more with the plan for a game night update show.
A deep discussion is had on the rumors of a Blu-Ray Xbox 360.
Viva Pinata comging to the DS, maybe the Wii???
They put in their 2 cents...well actually 8 cents total...about video game violence and how the media is jumping on it.
There is a in depth look at the Gears of War 2 footage and also talk about developers becomeing household names.
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The Post Game Report: Episode 17 The trio discusses GTA IV... again. They also delve into the mysteries of the 360 hard drive costs, EA's new fitness title, and PC copy protection with special guest Joe, from

The outro music was performed by Amen1ty, who can be contacted at

Also, The Post Game Report provides the latest contest and game night information for
Direct download: PGREPISODE17.mp3
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The Post Game Report: Episode 16 The Post Game Report is proud to announce that the show is now an affiliate of The Gamercast Network.

Here is a brief rundown of what you will get in episode 16.

* This week's special community guest is: MankatoMan22

* The crew gives their opinion on the latest news about a Halo spin-off.

* Why is George and rburt hiding while playing GTA IV?

* You can let the gang know how you feel by calling 206-666-2041, by emailThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or by leaving a review on iTunes.

Download the audio, or grab the RSS feed and become a regular listener.

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The Post Game Report: GTA IV Round Table. This is a special round-table discussion on the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto IV video game.

JVB, Rburt, Tanzein, and Phoenix410 talk about:

* Release day memories.
* Visuals
* Game-play
* Multi-player
* Future expectations

There isn't much editing in this episode because we wanted to get this out quickly.

Direct download: PGRoundtable.mp3
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The Post Game Report: Episode 15 Episode 15 of The Post Game Report is here with lots of goodies for your listening pleasure.

Join the trio of Finster, Miss Tique, and Rburt, as they are joined by a very special guest: DJ Sketch, who is a sibling of one of the host, and really has a lot to say about Grand Theft Auto 4.

Find out whats going on in the video game community and what people are talking about in the forums.

Leave a voice message at 206-666-2041 and leave a review about the show on iTunes.

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The Post Game Report: Episode 14 Here is the 14th episode of The Post Game Report, for you listening pleasure.

Finster, Miss Tique, and Rburt are joined by iFester, from the Talking About Games community forums.

They talk about:

*The latest events that are going on within the video game community.

*Contest galore.

*Game nights for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

You can let the gang know how you feel by calling 206-666-2041, by email or by visiting
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The Post Game Report: Episode 13 This week the crew: Finster, Miss Tique, and rburt are joined by the Playstation 3 Gamenight Coordinator, Phoenix410. They talk about all of the latest gaming news and community activity's.

As always, they cover all of the front page news, forums threads, and game nights.

Don't forget to leave your feedback at: 206-666-2041 and review the show on iTunes.

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The Post Game Report: Episode 12 This weekend I attended a Guitar Heroes 3 charity event, which was sponsored by Red Octane, Gamer Tag Radio, SFX 360 Meet-up Group, and Team in Training, in Fort Lauderdale Florida. The event was made to help raise money for the fight against Leukemia and Lymphoma.

I had a chance to interview Jacky Clayton, who coordinated the whole thing, about this exciting event.

Don't forget about our listener voice mail: 206-666-2041
Direct download: PGRWeekendUpdate.mp3
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The Post Game Report: The Big Change. The Post Game Report will now go to a monthly format because of time constraints. From now on, the show will be available for your listening pleasure during the last week of each month. This show is the exception, because of the announcement.

Speaking of announcements, we're excited about our new Goozex campaign coming up April 7th.

Call and leave your comments at 206-666-2041
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The Post Game Report: Episode 11 This episode is a very special one because we announce a new edition to the PGR family. Plus, we are joined by Modeps, who is an avid poster on the Talking About Games forums.

JVB talks about his experience at the Bourne Conspiracy game preview, that included a concert by legendary DJ Paul Oakenfold.

Finster reveals his true passion in life....It will scare you.

What does Rock, Paper, Scissors have to do with anything? You'll find out.

Also, call our voice mail: 206-666-2041. We encourage everyone to call and leave us feedback.
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The Post Game Report: Episode 10 This week JVB goes solo because Finster is finishing up on his journey for a new home. So, JVB goes out-of-the-box and invites a new face to the podcasting/blog scene: Amen1ty, and a familiar face to the forums: LilKuke.

The trio discusses news from the Front Page and threads from the forums. They also talk about the issues with the D-pad on the Xbox 360 controller and get all excited about the new Halo 3 maps that are soon to come via download on the Xbox Live Market Place, and more.

This episode is under the 27-minute mark and the song at the end is called: " Never trust a Klingon ", by a band named S.P.O.C.K.

As always, we ask our listeners to call our listener voice-mail: 206-666-2041, and leave us some feedback.
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The Post Game Report: Episode 9 Sit down and listen to the latest episode of The Post Game Report. This week JVB and Finster are joined by Pallidian and Brent Cheetham from the forums and gaming community.

They talk about the official announcement for Bioshock 2. And, some of the guys talk about their Super Smash Brothers experience on the Nintendo Wii.

Find out who won the Ace Combat 6 face plate give-away.

Also, don't forget to review the PGR podcast on Itunes.

Send in your own voice mail by calling 206-666-2041
Direct download: EPISODE9.mp3
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The Post Game Report: Episode 8

This week JVB and Finster sit down to chat with two very special guest-hosts. Joining them is Staind360, and Maverick0110 from the GamerHusbands Radio podcast and community.


This episode is interesting for a few reasons, but the main one being Finsters love for burritos, with hot salsa and green bean sauce??


As always, P.G.R loves to involve the community in the show, so like they do each and every week, they talk about some of the more interesting threads in the forums.


A big thank you goes out to the crew from the Breaking The Game podcast for their audio promo.


Don’t forget to leave feedback about this week’s episode, because a random caller will win an Ace Combat 6 faceplate. Call 206-666-2041 and give us your thoughts about the show, community, website, or Finsters hair.

Direct download: EPISODE8.5.mp3
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The Post Game Report: Episode 7 Welcome to another episode of The Post Game Report. This week JVB and Finster, who is calling from a remote Island, are joined by Peterocc, and Gemini Ace. They get down and dirty about some of the major issues from the gaming community.

And, whats an episode of P.G.R without the Talking About Games community? We talk about some front page news and forums threads.

Also, we would like to thank rburt, and BabaNoosh for sending us their bumpers.

Call our listener voice mail and leave us a message at 206-666-2041
Direct download: EPISODE7.mp3
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The Post Game Report: Episode 6 This week the duo of JVB and Finster have company, Rburt, from the forums.

They talk about the latest news articles about all the awesome GDC announcements.

As always, the forum frenzy segment produces great conversation between host, and this week is no exception.

Find out why JVB wants you to play with his "spanish disk"????

Don't forget to call in our voice mail: 206-666-2041 so you can leave the guys your own personal message.

Big thanks to:

Tin pan alley, Laird, and The mystery man for their PGR bumpers.

184 days left.

Direct download: EPISODE6.mp3
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The Post Game Report: Episode 5 Due to technical difficulty, only half of the show was recorded. But that doesn't take away from the fact that this episode is still a good, funny, and informative.

*JVB, Finster, Killazilla, and LilKuke talk about their favorite forum threads, which were really good this week.

*The winner of the Mass Effect give away is revealed.

*One of our very own has been seen on Inside Xbox: Community Confidential, with Trixie, from, find out who it was.

PGR would also like to thank Gamer Edie, Glewis, and Heavenly Yeti, for submitting their Post Game Report shout outs.

Big thanks also goes out to Brent Cheetham for creating the cool PGR intro music.

To leave a shout-out, ask a question, or some feedback of your own call our toll free number: 206-666-2041.
Direct download: Episode5.mp3
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The Post Game Report: Episode 4 This week Finster and JVB is joined by Jay, from Uncle Gamer, and Pherlonzo from the talking about games forums.

Jay has a major announcement regarding a very special give away.

JVB announces the winner of the Ratchet & Clank: Tools of destruction contest. He also gives us details about the next game-give-away: Mass Effect for the Xbox 360.

Find out what Finster has to say about The Star Wars saga. And speaking of Star Wars, what would Arnold Schwarzenegger do if he was Hans Solo?

Find out, in this very entertaining episode of The Post Game Report.

Big thanks to Avid X and Brent Cheetham for submitting some cool audio clips.

Direct download: ThepostgamereportEp4.mp3
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The Post-Game Report: Episode 3 This week the JVB and Finster are joined by Crash from The Gamers Garage podcast to talk about the hottest topics from the Talking About Games website.

They also announce the winners of the latest give aways from the forums.

Don't forget to call the listener voice mail: 206-666-2140, and leave the fellas some feedback.
Direct download: Episode3.mp3
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The Post-Game Report: Episode 2 JVB and Finster discuss topics from the community.

Direct download: Episode_2.mp3
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Welcome to the premiere edition of the Post Game Report!  In this episode, JVB and Finster are joined by Phil (a.k.a. SempaFi), one of the staff writers at Talking About Games.

In this first episode, the guys talk about the future of the Post Game Report show, highlight some of the forum activity this week, and reminisce about their favorite memories of 2007.

Direct download: ThePostGameReportEp1.mp3
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