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PGR 98 - Brothers to the End

Where has the time gone? All of a sudden Episode 100 is just a few weeks away. Before we get to triple-digits, Episode 98 of the Post Game Report is yours for the taking. SugarFree is joined by SoldierX, Phoenix410, HeroicSuperman and our guest, Joe Haygood (@mclazyj) from We try something a little different this week - fewer topics with deeper discussion. Let us know what you think as we break down the Gears of War 3 trailer and what the Spring launch date means for the game, Microsoft, and...Project Natal? Also the guys Mark and Execute Splinter Cell: Conviction. Soldier has finished the game, multiple times, and has his final thoughts ready for you. HeroicSuperman and SugarFree also join the Sam Fisher Fan Club for a spoiler free discussion about the highs and lows from Ubisoft's notable diversion from the status quo. Finally there's an extended Community Questions segment that features questions and answers as diverse as the Talking About Games Community. Enjoy.

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