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The Post Game Report: Episode 23 This week on PGR:

Finster, Rburt, and Phoenix are joined by General of the TAG forums, and they join their voices to the Adam Sessler Xbox Live rant. Listen in and find out whether Phoenix was able to convince Finster and Rburt to buy a PS3.
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The Post Game Report: Game Night Rundown This week on the Game Night Rundown Tanzein and RBurt ask the tough questions.

Where are the games for the Wii and PS3?

What is the Steam interface like for Friends Lists?

Is anyone listening?
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The Post Game Report: Episode 22 Finster and Rburt discuss the TAG question of the week with Mankatoman22.

The TAG community also discusses games they'd like to see canceled and the age old question: Are video games art?
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The Post Game Report: Episode 21 The PGR crew welcome Garwalker and discuss their dream games.

They also delve into Itagaki's spat with Tecmo, and reminisce about their most favorite titles and game accessories of all time.

Also, remember to send voicemail answers to our new Question of the Week!
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The Post Game Report: Episode 20 This weeks guests are mts78 and Phoenix410.

This week...

 *The PS3 has tow forum members come to it's rescue.

 *Is World of Warcraft in RBurt's future?

 *Finster and RBurt talk about a review on iTunes.

 *Consoles and the environment???
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Game Night Rundown #2 This week RBurt and Tazein get into the real meat and potatoes of the show.

They talk about...

 *This weeks up coming game nights...THERE ARE SO MANY!

 *They recap a little of the game nights they participated in.

 *They also gave some shout-outs to those new to the game nights!

  *They still need help of some organized people to get some more game nights going.

That could be you!
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The Post Game Report: Episode 19 The Post Game Report is back with a lot of Playstation 3 talk. What did Finster and Rburt have to say about it? Click the download button to find out.

They also have the privilege of having Biohazard92 as their special guest. Hear him tell us a little bit about himself and love for Cold Fear.

As always, they talks about the latest threads in the Talking About Games forums, which is always full of great content.

Don't forget to check out the other shows from the Gamercast Network at
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The Post Game Report Update Show: Game Nights 1 PGR Weekly Rundown #1.

RBurt and Tanzein talk about why the mini-show was created.
They give you the rundown for this weeks game nights for all the platforms.
They also reminisce about last weeks game nights and let you all know what you are missing out on.

Want your game night in the show or need help setting up a game night?  Just Private Message Tanzein or RBurt on the forums or email RBurt at<>

See you all online!
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The Post Game Report: Episode 18 This weeks show the crew is joined by special guest Miz Calamity from

This week they discuss...

Rburt makes an announcement on how the PGR crew plan on bringing the TAG Community together even more with the plan for a game night update show.
A deep discussion is had on the rumors of a Blu-Ray Xbox 360.
Viva Pinata comging to the DS, maybe the Wii???
They put in their 2 cents...well actually 8 cents total...about video game violence and how the media is jumping on it.
There is a in depth look at the Gears of War 2 footage and also talk about developers becomeing household names.
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The Post Game Report: Episode 17 The trio discusses GTA IV... again. They also delve into the mysteries of the 360 hard drive costs, EA's new fitness title, and PC copy protection with special guest Joe, from

The outro music was performed by Amen1ty, who can be contacted at

Also, The Post Game Report provides the latest contest and game night information for
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