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Post Game Report: Episode 70 "Form Like Voltron" Edition

Post Game Report - Episode 70: "Form Like Voltron" Edition

Members of the Talking About Games Podcast Community are combining powers to blast your RSS Feeds. SoldierX and SugarFree representing PGR, RobbieJo of TalkingAboutGamers and Parris of Uncle Gamer and the Remember When Podcasts unite under one flag for the greater good.

The beginning of the fall season of big-time releases is almost upon us. Parris gives us the goods on The Beatles Rock Band and Guitar Hero 5. The majority spend some time gushing over the latest Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer footage and only one of us isn't exactly exited over it. SugarFree discusses his joy over God of War HD Trophied Remix Edition. And the crew takes a look at the major bullet points from the Penny Arcade Expo. Oh, and we tanget. A lot.

Remember to leave feedback for us on Itunes, we will pick a random review and reward him or her with an almost new 120GB HDD for an xbox360.

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