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Post Game Report: Episode 69 Live From New York

Post Game Report - Episode 69: Live From New York

Episode 69 of the Post Game Report is ready to go. Live from Times Square in the City That Never Sleeps, JVB hosts a (literal) round table with SugarFree, Phoenix410, HeroicSuperman, tg1_eddie and Frawlz of Sarcastic Gamer. Bullet points from New York include the PS3's software lineup, Project Natal, and using utensils to make a point in a discussion. Of course we wouldn't have a complete episode of PGR without SoldierX25. He offers his thoughts on Lost - Season 4 and the game that everyone is playing: Batman: Arkham Asylum. Stay tuned to the end of the episode to find out about Soldier's contest for the Talking About Games Community.

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