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PGR114 - Sling Blade

Reunited and it feels so good, Episode 114 of the Post Game Report has the entire crew you have come to know and love ready to entertain you. SugarFree hosts a virtual podcastacopia of SoldierX, JVB, HeroicSuperman and Phoenix410 as we delve into the latest and greatest offerings from the video game industry. At long last you will hear JVB's impressions of Madden '11. SoldierX is not attending the Mafia 2 launch parties hosted by Gamertag Radio but has some positive thoughts on the Mafia 2 demo. HeroicSuperman gives his full impressions on Singularity, as well as what it's like to share his home with his family (at last). Finally we spend some time talking about some recent trailers released for public consumption. Resistance 3, InFamous 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops are on our menu - we hope you're hungry.

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